Interface KeyedEntry<T>

Type Parameters:
T - key class
All Superinterfaces:, se.sics.isl.transport.Transportable
All Known Subinterfaces:
AdvertiserEntry, QueryEntry
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAdvertiserEntry, AbstractKeyedEntry, AbstractQueryEntry, AbstractStringEntry, AbstractTransportableEntry, BidBundle.BidEntry, QueryReport.DisplayReportEntry, QueryReport.QueryReportEntry, RetailCatalog.RetailCatalogEntry, SalesReport.SalesReportEntry, UserPopulationState.UserPopulationEntry

public interface KeyedEntry<T>
extends, se.sics.isl.transport.Transportable

This interface designates a list entry with a key.

Patrick Jordan

Method Summary
 T getKey()
          Returns the key for the entry.
Methods inherited from interface se.sics.isl.transport.Transportable
getTransportName, read, write

Method Detail


T getKey()
Returns the key for the entry.

the key for the entry.

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