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Teachers who attended AP 2008

A total of 27 teachers attended
  1. Kizzy Bess, credit (no homework) in at 1:00pm one day, Avondale High, Fulton
  2. Carole Black, credit, Oconee County HIgh School, Oconee County
  3. Joy Coker, credit (no homework), Whitfield Career Academy, Whitfield County Schools
  4. Su Craddock, credit (no homework), Walton Career Academy, Walton County Public Schools
  5. Sharon Evans, credit, Northview High School, Fulton County Schools
  6. Crystal Furman, credit, Brookwood High School, Gwinnett County Public Schools
  7. Jan Goddard, credit (no homework), Norcross High School, Gwinnett County
  8. Walter Henry, credit (no homework), G W Carver High School, Muscogee Cty School District
  9. Tekeshia Hollis,credit (no homework) Redan HS, DeKalb
  10. Cristal Jones, credit (no homework), Creekside High School, Fulton
  11. Allen Johnson, credit (no homework) in at 1:00pm one day, Chamblee High School, DeKalb
  12. Kenneth Lee, credit (no homework), Roswell High School, Fulton
  13. Donna Marsh, credit, Campbell High, Cobb
  14. Heather McGuire, credit (no homework), Pebblebrook High School, Cobb County
  15. Bruce Nicol, credit (no homework), Osborne H.S., Cobb County
  16. Courtney Smith, credit, Stephenson High School, DeKalb
  17. Danny Starks, credit (no homework), Hardaway High School, Muscogee
  18. Dell Wilkerson, credit, Centennial High School, Fulton
  19. Karen Zayance, credit (no homework), Woodstock High School, Cherokee,
  20. Beth Zullo, credit, Kell HS, Cobb

Private Georgia Schools:
Barbara Fox, credit, North Cobb Christian School, private Georgia
Mary Reynolds, credit (no homework), The Westminster Schools, private Georgia

Out of State Teachers:
  1. John Bowling, credit, The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida
Laine Agee, credit, White Station High School, Memphis City Schools, Tenn
Carl Owenby - Some Video Resources for Computer Science Teachers, no credit ,1:00pm one day, 10am one day, 10:56am one day, Maclay School, Florida
Sandra Whiting,credit, Shannon Forest Christian School, Private, Greenville, SC
Carol Yarbrough, credit, Alabama School of Fine Arts, Alabama

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