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Carole Black

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Code Magnet Arrays.doc
Regular Array vs ArrayList.doc
ArrayList API
What kind of class.doc
2008 APCS Program Rubric.xls
UML diagrams to statements.doc
Interface Statements to UMLs.doc

Binary Hexadecimal Worksheet.doc


Great 2D Array exercise:

Regifting Robin

Access the website and run this application. There is a reason why Robin always “guesses” your gift. Figure out why this works.

Program this application:

1. There are starter files below. You do not need to change the Runner program. All work will be done in the file.
2. Create an 11x9 (remember Row x Col) matrix that will populate the matrix each time with the gifts in random order
3. Use the Math.random() to create the order of the gifts
4. Make sure the “correct” gift is in the correct position each time

Starter Files:

Answer Files:
Regift Robin

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