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Beginning Programming in Java 2007 - May 29-June 1st continuing June 4-7th


This workshop will be held May 29-June 1st and will continue June 4-7th. You must attend all 8 days in order to receive 5 PLUs. The workshop will begin at 8:30am each day and end at 4:30pm each day. There is no fee for this workshop for Georgia teachers. Out of state teachers will pay $850.00.

The goal of this workshop is to start teachers on a path that will enable them to become AP teachers in 2-5 years. The idea is that they will take this workshop and teach the Beginning Programming course (old Prog and Sys Management) for a year or a few years. And when they feel ready they will take the Intermediate Programming in Java workshop and teach that content for a year or more. Finally when the teacher feels ready she or he will take the AP workshop and teach the AP course. Some teachers may wish to only teach the introductory courses and not go on to become AP teachers. Teachers can take this workshop more than one time.

This workshop is intended for people with little or no programming experience. We will cover the basics (variables, operators, syntax, methods, class, object, etc) by writing programs to manipulate media (image, sound, movies, and text). The workshop will be using the programming language Java and free software from CMU called Alice that can be used to create 3D movies and games. For samples of the kind of work we will be doing in the workshop see Samples of Beginning Programming in Java work.

You are not required to stay residential for this workshop. However, if you are from outside of the Atlanta area (> 30 miles from Georgia Tech) and are a Georgia teacher we will cover your hotel, parking, and meals (thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation). You will be staying at the Regency Suites Hotel ( with 2 teachers per room unless you wish to pay for the additional cost of a private room ($57.50 a night plus tax).

Please fill out this Word document ComputingTeacherDevAgreement.doc and have it signed by your principal and fax it to Felicia Auzla at 404 385-0965. See Beg Prog 2007 Completed Forms for a list of teachers we have received this form from.

You can apply at See for the list of teachers who have applied. We will notify you in about 2 weeks as to the status of your application. Remember that your application is not complete until you fax in the form above with the teacher's and principal's signature.

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Smaller Green Screen Pictures
NestedLoops-Mod7-part6.ppt this link has some of the activites I did in the workshop like sorting this has ideas for Alice and Media Computation

Teachers who attended Beg Prog in Java 2007


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