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Teachers who attended Beg Prog in Java 2007

We had 20 public school and 4 private school teachers attend

Public School Teachers:
  1. Mr. Nga Warren no credit, Pebblebrook High School, Cobb County School System,
  2. Bruce Swann credit, Banneker High School, Fulton County,
  3. Carol Davies credit, Alpharetta High School, Fulton County,
  4. Carolyn Smith credit, Roswell High School, Fulton County Board of Education,
  5. Chad (Charles) Austin credit, Milton High School, Fulton County,
  6. Esterine Stokes no credit, Westside High School, Bibb County,
  7. Gail Chapman credit, Luella High School, Henry County,
  8. Jacqueline Bowman #2 no credit, Northeast High School, Bibb,
  9. Kenneth Lee credit, Roswell High School, Fulton County,
  10. Michael Cohen credit, Benjamin E. Mays High, Atlanta Public Schools,
  11. Ray Parsons credit, Grayson High School, Gwinnett County Public Schools,
  12. Ryan McCann credit, Northside High School, Muscogee County,
  13. Ryan (George) Moore no credit, North Springs High School, Fulton County,
  14. Stephanie Holloway no credit, Carrollton High School, Carrollton City Schools,
  15. Stephanie McCall credit, Northview High School, Fulton County,
  16. Su Craddock credit, Walton Career Academy, Walton County Public Schools,
  17. Tanya Dwellingham no credit, Grady High School, Atlanta Public Schools,
  18. Tony McCullers credit, North Oconee High School, Oconee County Schools,
  19. Vicky Foster credit, Alpharetta High School, Fulton County,
  20. Keith Gilliam no credit, Stephenson High School, Dekalb County,

No Show:
Ms. Queen Adeboyejo, Southwest Magnet High School & Law Academy, Bibb,

  1. Jacob Israel credit, MSA, Manatee,
  2. Jo Ray Van Vliet credit, Pace Academy,
  3. Mary Reynolds credit - The Westminster Schools,
  4. Chris Hawkins credit - Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, hdiocese of Atlanta,

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