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AP CS Workshop July 10-13 2007

Agenda for AP CS Workshop July 10-13 2007
Additional Materials for AP CS Workshop July 10-13 2007
Teachers who attended the AP CS 2007 Workshop
The Institute for Computing Education (ICE) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is pleased to offer a College Board endorsed CS-AP workshop July 10-13th 2007 for CS A teachers. Teachers who complete the workshop will receive 3 PLUs. This course will be taught by Barbara Ericson of Georgia Tech. This workshop will run from 8:30am - 4:30pm in room 1456 of the Klaus Advanced Computing Building each day. See building 153 on the campus map at

You must have experience in Java before taking this workshop! If you do not have Java experience, but do have programming experience please take the Intermediate Programming in Java June 19-22 2007 workshop first. You should teach this material for a year or so before taking the AP workshop. However, you can take the AP workshop the same summer that you take the Intermediate Programming in Java workshop if you have taught Java for a year or more.

If you have no programming experience you should take the Beginning Programming in Java 2007 - May 29-June 1st continuing June 4-7th workshop first and teach that material for 1 or more years before taking the Intermediate Programming in Java June 19-22 2007 workshop.

This workshop is aimed at new and existing CS-AP A teachers. The workshop will have lots of hands-on exercises that teachers can use in their classrooms. This workshop will cover object-oriented concepts, the case study, and the exam. The workshop will use a variety of activities to help you understand these concepts: lecture, role-playing, small programming assignments, and object-oriented analysis and design using CRC and UML. We will use examples from Media Computation for teaching some of the concepts. Media Computation is teaching computing concepts by writing programs that manipulate media. For example, negate an image, mirror an image, reverse a sound, weave music phrases in a linked list. Students at Georgia Tech have found Media Computation to be interesting and relevant even if they are not computer science majors.

Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundataion we will pay for Georgia teacher's room, board, and parking if you are from outside of the Atlanta area (live > 30 miles from Georgia Tech) You will be staying at the Georgia Tech Hotel ( with two teachers per room, unless you which to pay an additional cost for a private room ($62.00 a night plus tax). Out of state teachers will need to cover their own hotel, parking, and meals (except lunch which is included). For other nearby hotels see Hotels near Georgia Tech for 2007.

You can apply on-line for this workshop at You can see a list of the teachers who have applied at

The tuition for the workshop is $425 per person. A deposit of $125 must be received by June 12, 2007. The balance is due by July 3rd, 2007. The deposit is refundable until June 12, 2007. Checks or purchase orders should be made out to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Space is limited to 30, so please send your deposit as soon as possible. Send your payment to:

Georgia Tech, CoC
Institute for Computing Education
ATTN: Felicia Auzla, ICE Programs
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA, 30332-0280
Fax: 404 385-0965

People to notify when registration opens:


MIDTOWN HOTEL (the name is changing July lst to HAMPTON INN)
244 North Avenue NW; 404/881-0881; 800-465-4329
GA TECH RATE: $115 pls tax

1132 Techwood Dr.; 404/607-1112; 800-321-2211
GA TECH RATE: $124 pls tax

975 W. Peachtree St.;404/876-5003; 800-642-3629
GA TECH RATE: $115 pls tax

659 Peachtree St.; 404/897-1991
Please call Blair Freeman at 404-898-8305 when you are making your reservations. She will get the GA Tech rate for you.

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