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Summer 2004 Programming and Systems Management Workshop

The Programming and Systems Management Workshop is to help prepare teachers to teach the Programming and Systems Management Workshop course.

For DOE SDU Form – Workshop ID – GVO5120

We will use a media centered approach that explains computer science concepts as they are needed to solve programming tasks. We will be using the computer language Java. Some of the concepts covered are conditionals, loops, arrays, graphical user interfaces and databases (we won't get to databases in this workshop). This interactive workshop will be a mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, creative assignments for use with students, career info, tours of resarch labs at Tech and talks. You do not need to have any experience with programming to take this workshop.

Pgm & Sys 2004 Photo Gallery
2004 Prog and Sys Workshop Details
2004 Prog and Sys Management Attendees
Schedule Prog and Sys Workshop Summer 2004
Student work schedule.xls
Interactions History from Teachers
Picture Methods from Teachers
How to Print All Available Font Names
Publicity about Prog and Sys Workshop

Meeting in GT Hotel, Conference Room B

Evening and daytime sessions are at same location

Guess Who Game Update

  1. In your C:\ICE-workshops\games\guessWho folder, rename "people" folder to people_old
  2. Download this zip file,
  3. Then extract all the files to C:\ICE-workshops\games\guessWho, using the path names stored in the zip
  4. Click on "run" to load "Guess Who" game
  5. Enjoy getting acquainted!

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