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Summer 2004 Workshops

There will be two workshops for high school computing teachers in Georgia offered in June 2004 at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Summer 2004 AP-CS Workshop
Summer 2004 Programming and Systems Management Workshop
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The workshops are being developed by Barbara Ericson ( of Georgia Tech.

For help during Summer 2004 please post things on the co-web (swiki) or contact Jeremy jeremy (at) or Viswanath at viswa (at) After August 4th you may contact Barbara Ericson using ericson (at)

Here is the undergraduate work schedule for the Prog and Sys Workshop
Week Two, June 14 - 17
Missing File (/ice-gt/uploads/Student%20work%20schedule2.xls)
The sessions for week #2 are at GT Hotel, 2nd floor, Salon 1 & 2

Week One, June 7 - 10
Missing File (/ice-gt/uploads/Student%20work%20schedule.xls)
The 7 - 9 pm evening sessions will be held in Conference Room B, same location as the daytime sessions!