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Publicity about Prog and Sys Workshop

1. Donna Lowry, education reporter with WXIA TV (ch. 11) came over Wednesday and interviewed teachers and others. She expects her story to air during the 6 a.m. newscast either on Friday, June 11 or Monday, June 14. There's a chance the noon or evening newscastt will re-air her story, depending on how busy a news day it is. Set your VCRs; mine is set as well.

2. Cherokee Tribune story on June 11 focused on two Cherokee County teachers participating in the program. Included a nice photo of Barb working with the teachers.

3. Brandon Larrabee of Morris News [news service for Morris Newspapers which owns 31 daily newspapers including Augusta Chronicle, Athens Banner Herald, Savannah Morning News, (Jacksonville) Florida Times Union and others] is attending the workshop Friday morning to do a story focusing on the teachers from their readership areas. Brandon attended the press conference as well.

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