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Syllabus-Spring 2005

Week 1

M 10 Jan: Welcome to CS1316!

W 12 Jan: Introduction to Java

F 14 Jan: Manipulating Pictures in Java

Week 2

M 17 Jan: MLK Jr. DAY! No class

W 19 Jan: Finishing manipulating pictures

F 21 Jan: Using Turtles to draw Pictures

Week 3

M 24 Jan: Finish Turtles

W 26 Jan: REALLY Finish Turtles (maybe)

F 28 Jan: Manipulating Sounds in Java

Week 4

M 31 Jan: Finish manipulating sounds.

W 2 Feb: delete and insertAfter in sounds

F 4 Feb: Manipulating Music in Java.
(Skipping "Reversing a list of Pictures with a stack" for now.)

Week 5

M 7 Feb: Creating a list of Music parts.Finishing up music.

W 9 Feb: Repeat and Weave in music. Moving from Lists to Trees of Music.

F 11 Feb: MIDTERM #1

Week 6

M 14 Feb: Creating a list of Pictures: Layering-based then Position-based. Animation by changing and rendering data structures.

W 16 Feb: Creating a list of Pictures: Handling both. Superclasses and subclasses

F 18 Feb: Creating a tree of Pictures. Introducing animations. Animation: Tweak the data structure, re-render the image. Guest lecturer: John Stasko

Week 7

M 21 Feb: Creating a list of Sounds. Finding and replacing sounds in a list.

W 23 Feb: Constructors and toString(). Guest Lecturer: Monica Sweat

F 25 Feb: Linked lists in sounds. Guest Lecturer: Student24

All of Mark's Java files up to here:

Week 8

M 28 Feb: Finishing the linked lists in sounds. Debugging in Java.

W 1 Mar: Creating a tree of Sounds. Traversals. Specializing lists and trees.

F 4 Mar: Generalizing lists and trees – they're everywhere!

Week 9

M 7 Mar: Finishing generalizing and specializing lists and trees. Just what are trees good for, anyway?

Here's my java-source directory as of 8 March 2005:
See Questions on HW6-Sp2005 for directions on using it

W 9 Mar: Character animation. Creating lists (and trees) that loop.

F 11 Mar: User interfaces – its all lists and trees. Laying it out is all about rendering.

Week 10

M 14 Mar: Events–making GUIs work.

W 16 Mar: Introduction to simulations, continuous and discrete event. Predator/prey simulations (with Turtles)

F 18 Mar: REMOVEDging variables in our simulations – exploring how Deer survive.

Spring Break - March 21-25

Week 11

M 28 Mar: REMOVEDging Wolf and Deer Simulations

W 30 Mar: Defining a generalized agent and simulation class

F 1 Apr: Making simulations with our generalized agent and simulation classes

Mark Guzdial lost his TabletPC yesterday (ARGH!!!), so I had to recreate everything from all the past uploads on my Mac Powerbook in order to be able to continue work there. Some of you might find it useful to have an up-to-date java-source, too (e.g., with all the simulation code up to here):

Week 12

M 4 April: More exploration of our simulations.

W 6 April: Swapping Turtle-Agents for Characters. FINALLY – we can make villagers and wildebeests.

F 8 Apr: MIDTERM #2

Week 13

M 11 Apr: Finishing crowd simulation. Making java programs run outside of DrJava.
Discrete event simulation: Not all time is our time. Resources and lining up our agents (queues). The Kinds of Random. Tracking those who wait with a Queue.

W 13 Apr: An Abstract Data Type: Stack, and making reverse() faster.

F 15 Apr: Multiple sources of time (events).

Week 14

M 18 Apr: Straightening time: Insertion sort.

W 20 Apr: Straightening time: Sorting our events, and inserting into the right place

F 22 Apr: Trying out our Discrete Event Simulation

Week 15

M 25 Apr: Representing Structure and Behavior: Capping off the class. (And I'll take questions on HW9)

W 27 Apr: The Web and Java: How to read a Web page from Java, how to build a browser in Java.

F 29 Apr: Review for Final Exam

Finals Week May 2-6

May 2nd (Mon) 2:50 - 5:40

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