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Materials for AP CS

Here is an example with an interface, an abstract class, and polymorphism. The course code is in the zip file and the slides are powerpoint.
18-AbstractClassesPolymorphismInheritance.ppt (slides 35-45 go with the shape example)

Sample PSAT letters to send home to students who show AP Potential on the PSAT.
Dear Parents of Girl-2017.docx
Dear Parents of Boy-2017.docx
Dear Parents of Girl-2016.docx
Dear Parents of Boy-2016.docx
Dear Parents of Boy-2015-2.docx
Dear Parents of Girl-2015-2.docx
Dear Parents of Girl-2013.docx
Dear Parents of Boy-2013.docx
Dear Parents of Girl-2012.docx
Dear Parents of Boy-2012.docx
Dear Parents of Boy-2011.docx
Dear Parents of Girl-2011.docx
Dear Parents of Girl-2010.doc
Dear Parents of Boy-2010.doc
Free Response Questions from 2011
Free Response Questions from 2012
Free Response Questions from 2013
Free Response Questions from 2014
Free Response Questions from 2015

AP Data for the United States-1998-2013
AP Data for the United States-1998-2014
AP Data for the United States 1998-2015
AP Data for the United States 1998-2016
AP CS Data for the United States 1998-2017
AP Data for Georgia 2017

This is a spreadsheet with the number of students who took and passed the AP CS A exam from 2006-2011 for several states and it is also broken down by gender and race:

Free Response Question Map to Concepts

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