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Phones: 404-385-1105 (lab)
        404-894-5618 (Mark's office)

csl-tsrb.jpgThe Contextualized Support for Learning (CSL) lab is located in the Technology Square Research Building (TSRB), room 340. Directions to TSRB can be found here.

TSRB is a semi-secure building, so you will have to check in at the front desk or have your GT Buzz Card with you. Say that you are visiting Mark Guzdial and the Contextualized Support for Learning lab. Go up to the third floor (either by elevator or by stairs). CSL is located in the middle of the North side (away from 5th street) of the third floor. Mark's office is TSRB 341 (slightly East of center) and the lab area is right next to it. CSL faces the parking deck behind the building.

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