1992 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

  1. NASA's OAET Sensors Program, M. Sokoloski (presentation only)
  2. NASA's Astrophysics Program in High-Resolution THz Spectroscopy, L. Caroff (presentation only)
  3. Applications of Terahertz Technology to Astronomy, T. G. Phillips (presentation only)
  4. Coherent Systems in the Terahertz Range: Elements, Operation & Examples, P.F. Goldsmith

Session 1:Sources 1

  1. Broadband Millimeter-Wave GaAs Transmitters and Receivers Using Planar Bow-Tie Antennas , Y. Konishi, M. Kamegawa, M. Case, R. Yu, M.J.W.Rodwell, R. A. York, D. B. Rutledge
  2. Active CPW-Fed Slot Antennas for Power Combining Applications , B. K. Kormanyos, G. M. Rebeiz
  3. 2x2 Quasi-optical Power Combiner Array at 20 GHz , S. Kawasaki, T. Itoh
  4. Monolithic Millimeter-Wave Diode Array Beam Controllers: Theory and Experiment , L. B. Sjogren, H-X. L. Liu, F. Wang, T. Liu, W. Wu, X-H. Qin, E. Chung, C. W. Domier, N. C. Luhmann, Jr., J. Maserjian, M. Kim, J. Hacker, D. B. Rutledge, L. Aorez, J. Harbison
  5. A Study of Subterahertz HEMT Monolithic Oscillators , Y. Kwon and D. Pavlidis

Session 2:Varactors 1

  1. Varactor Diodes for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths , B. J. Rizzi, J. L. Hesler, H. Dossal, T. W. Crowe
  2. A Schottky /2-DEG Varactor Diode for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Multiplier Applications , W. C. B. Peatman, T. W. Crowe, M. Shur, B. Gelmont
  3. Thermionic Emission Current in a Single Barrier Varactor , H. Hjelmgren, J. R. East, E. Kollberg
  4. Progress on Single Barrier Varactors for Submillimeter Wave Power Generation , S. M. Nilsen, H. Gronqvist, H. Hjelmgrcn, A. Rydberg, E. Kollberg
  5. Effect of Cooling on the Efficiency of Schottky Varactor Frequency Multipliers at Millimeter Waves, J. Louhi, A. Raisanen, N. Erickson

Session 3:Varactors 2

  1. Superlattice Barrier Varactors , C. Raman, J. P. Sun, W. L. Chen, G. Munns, J. East, G. Haddad
  2. A New Fabrication Technique for Back-to-Back Varactor Diodes , R. P. Smith, D. Choudhury, S. Martin, M. A. Frerking, J. K. Liu, F. A. Grunthaner
  3. A 200 GHz TripIer Using Single Barrier Varactor , D. Choudhury, M. A. Frerking, P. D. Batelaan
  4. A Submillimeter Tripier Using a Quasi-Waveguide Structure , N. Erickson, G. Cortes-Medellin

Session 4:SIS Receivers 1

  1. A 380 GHz SIS Receiver Using Nb/ AIOx/Nb Junctions for a RadioAstronomical Balloon-Borne Experiment: PRONAOS , P. Febvre, P. Fautrier, C. Robert, J. C. Pernot, A. Germont, M. Hanus, R. Maoli, M. Gheudin, G. Beaudin, P. Encrenaz
  2. A Low Noise 410-495 Heterodyne Two Tuner Mixer, Using Submicron Nb / AI20:3/Nb Tunne]junctions , G. de Lange, C. E. Honingh, M.M.T.M. Derichs, R. A. Panhuyzen, H. H. A. Schaeffer, T. M. K]apwijk, H. van de Stadt, M. W. M. de Graauw
  3. Double Dipole Antenna SIS Receivers at 100 and 400 GHz , A. Ska]are, H. van de Stadt, Th. de Graauw, R. A. Panhuyzen, M. M. T. M. Dierichs
  4. Slot Antenna SIS Mixers for SubmiIlimeter Wave]engths , J. Zmuidzinas, H. G. LeDuc, J. A. Stern

Session 5:S Receivers 2

  1. A Planar Quasi-Optical SIS Receiver for Array Applications , P. A. Stimson, R. J. Deng]er, P. H. Siegel, H. G. LeDuc
  2. A Fixed Tuned Broadband Matching Structure for Submillimeter SIS Receivers, T. H. Biittgenbach, H. G. LeDuc, P. D. Maker, T. G. Phillips (paper not available)
  3. Modeling and Performance of Nb SIS Mixers in the 1.3 mm and 0.8 mm Bands , A. Karpov, M. Carter, B. lazareff, D. Billon-Pierron, K.H. Gundlach
  4. Comparison of Measured and Predicted Performance of a SIS Waveguide Mixer at 345 GHz , C. E. Honingh, G. delange, M. M. T. M. Dierichs, H. H. A. Schaeffer, J. Wezelman, J. v. d. Kurr, Th. de Graauw, T. M. Klapwijk
  5. A Low Noise 492 GHz SIS Waveguide Receiver , C. K. Walker, J. W. Kooi, M. Chan, H. G. LeDuc, P. L. Schaffer, J. E. Carlstrom, T. G. Phillips

Session 6:Antennas and Networks 1

  1. Slot-Line End-Fire Antennas for THz Frequencies , H. Ekstrom, S. Gearhart, P. R. Acharya, H. Dave, G. Rebeiz, S. Jacobsson, E. Kollberg, G. Chin
  2. Quasi-Optical Antenna-Mixer-Array Design for Terahertz Frequencies , Y. Guo, K. A. Potter, D. B. Rutledge
  3. Analysis of a Novel Non-Contacting Waveguide Backshort , T. M. Weller, L. P. B. Katehi, W. R. McGrath
  4. Silicon Micromachined Waveguides for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths, M. Yap, Y.C. Tai, W.R. McGrath, C. Walker

Session 7:Antennas and Networks 2

  1. Progress in Integrated-Circuit Horn Antennas for Receiver Applications: Parts I & II , G. V. Eleftheriades, W. Y. AIi-Ahmad, G. M. Rebeiz
  2. Zone Plate lens Antennas for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths , P. F. Goldsmith
  3. Onset of Dispersion in Nb Microstrip Transmission Lines at Submillimeter Wave Frequencies , H. H. S. Javadi, W. R. McGrath, B. Bumble, H. G. LeDuc
  4. Double-Slot Antennas on Extended Hemispherical Dielectric Lenses, D. F. Filipovic, S. J. Gearhart, B. K. Kormanyos, G. M. Rebeiz

Session 8:SIS Theory & Fabrication 1

  1. Embedding Impedance Approximations in the Analysis of SIS Mixers, A. R. Kerr, S. K. Pan, S. Withington
  2. Submicron Area Nb/ AlOx/Nb Tunnel Junctions for Submillimeter Mixer Applications , H. G. LeDuc, B. Bumble, S. R. Cypher, A. J. Judas, J. A. Stern
  3. Noise in Josephson Effect Mixers and the RSJ Model , R. Schoelkopf, T. Phillips, J. Zmuidzinas (paper not available)
  4. Fabrication and Characterization of High Current-Density, Submicron NbN/MgO/NbN Tunnel Junctions , J. A. Stern, H. G. LeDuc, A. J. Judas

Session 9:Sources 2

  1. A Quasioptical Resonant-Tunneling-Diode Oscillator Operating Above 200 GHz , E. R. Brown, C. D. Parker, K. M. Molvar, A. R. Calawa, M. J. Manfra
  2. Transit-Time Devices as Local Oscillators for Frequencies above 100 GHz , H. Eisele, C. Kidner, G. I. Haddad
  3. Negative Differential Resistance (NOR) Frequency Conversion with Gain , R. J. Hwu, R. W. AIm, S. C. Lee
  4. Modeling, Design, Fabrication and Testing of InP Gunn Devices in the D-Band (110 GHz-170 GHz) , R. Kamoua, H. Eisele, J. R. East, G. I. Haddad, G. Munns, M. Sherwin

Session 10:SIS Theory and Fabrication 2

  1. Recent Advances in Superconducting-Mixer Simulations, S. Withington, P. R. Kennedy
  2. Submillimeter Wave Detection with Superconducting Tunnel Diodes , M. J. Wengler
  3. Evaluation of Integrated Tuning Elements with SIS Devices , M. M. T. M. Dierichs, C. E. Honingh, R. A. Panhuyzen, B. J. Feenstra, A. Skalare, J. J. Wijnbergen, H. v. d. Stadt, Th. de Graauw
  4. Source Conductance Scaling for High Frequency Superconducting Quasiparticle Receivers , Q. Ke, M. J. Feldman

Session 11:Sources 3

  1. Resonant Tunneling Diodes as Sources for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths, O. Vanbesien, R. Bouregba, P. Mounaix, D. Lippens, L. Palmateer, J. C. Pernot, G. Beaudin, P. Encrenaz, E. Bockenhoff, J. Nagle, P. Bois, F. Chevoir, B. Vinter
  2. Simulation of Electron Transport in Quantum Well Devices , D. R. Miller, K. K. Gullapalli, V. R. Reddy, D. P. Neikirk
  3. Parallel Arrays of Josephson Junctions for Submillimeter Local Oscillators , A. Pance, M. J. Wengler
  4. Monolithic Millimeter-Wave Diode Grid Frequency Multipler Arrays, H. X. L. Liu, X. H. Qin, L. B. Sjogren, W. Wu, E. Chung, C. W. Domier, N. C. Luhmann, Jr.

Session 12:Mixers & Detectors 1

  1. Planar GaAs Diodes for THz Frequency Mixing Applications , W. L. Bishop, T. W. Crowe, R. J. Mattauch, H. Dossal
  2. Planar Doped Barrier Subharmonic Mixers, T. H. Lee, J. R. East, G. I. Haddad
  3. New Approach to the Design of Schottky Barrier Diodes for THz Mixers, A. Jelenski, A. Grub, V. Krozer, H. L. Hartnagel
  4. Electrical and Infrared Properties of Thin Niobium Microbolometers Near Tc , E. N. Grossman, J. E. Sauvageau, D. G. McDonald

Session 13:Mixers & Detectors 2

  1. Measurements of the Single Sideband Suppression for a 650 GHz Heterodyne Receiver, S. Crewell, H. Nett
  2. InGaAs/lnP Heteroepitaxial Schottky Barrier Diodes for Terahertz Applications , U. V. Bhapkar, Y. Li, R. J. Mattauch
  3. A Broadband THz Receiver for Low Background Space Applications , C. Hagmann, D. J. Benford, A. C. Clapp, P. L. Richards, P. Timbie
  4. AlGaAs/GaAs Quasi-Bulk Effect Mixers: Analysis and Experiments , K. S. Yngvesson, J.-X. Yang, F. Agahi, D. Dai, C. Musante, W. Grammer, K. M. Lau
  5. All-Solid-State Radiometers for Environmental Studies to 700 GHz, R. Rudiger, P. Zimmermann
  6. A 492 GHz Cooled Schottky Receiver for Radio Astronomy , J. Hernichel, R. Schieder, J. Stutzki, B. Vowinkel, G. Winnewisser, P. Zimmermann