1991 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

  1. NASA's OAET Sensors Program, M. Sokoloski (no text available)
  2. NASA Program Plans for Submillimeter-wave Astrophysics Program, M. Kaplan
  3. The Submillimeter Mission (SMMM) Heterodyne Instrument, M. A. Frerking
  4. EOS MLS: A View from the Front , P. Siegel

Session 1: Antennas

  1. Integrated Terahertz Corner-cube Antennas and Receivers , S. S. Gearhart, C. C. Ling, G. M. Rebeiz, G. Chin, H. Dave
  2. Antennas for Submillimeter Wave Receivers, J.F. Johansson, N.D. Whybom, P.R. Acharya, H. Ekstrom, S.W. Jacobsson, E.L. Kollberg
  3. Progress in 94 GHz Integrated Horn Antennas, W. AIi-Ahmad, G. Eleftheriades, L.P.B. Katehi, G.M. Rebeiz
  4. Imaging Arrays for the Millimeter and Submillimeter-wave Region , K. Uehara, K. Miyashita, K. Natsumc, K. Hatakeyama, K. Mizuno

Session 2: Oscillators

  1. Fundamental Mode Operation of Gunn Devices above 100 GHz, R. Kamoua, J. R. East, G. I. Haddad
  2. Design and Evaluation of W- and D-band TUNNETT Devices, C. Kidner, G. 1. Haddad, J. R. East, H. Eisele
  3. Recent Advances in Resonant-tunneling-diode Oscillators, E. R. Brown, C. D. Parker, K. M. Molvar, M. K. Conners
  4. GaAs IMPATT Diodes for Frequencies above 100 GHz: Technology and Performance, H. Eisele, R. K. Mains, G. I. Haddad, C. C. Chen
  5. Lossy-line Stabilization of Negative-resistance Diodes for Integrated-Circuit Oscillators, K. D. Stephan, S. C. Wong, E. R. Brown

Session 3: Power Combining

  1. Josephson Junction Oscillator Arrays, M. J. Lewis, D. Durand, A. D. Smith, P. Hadley
  2. Terahertz Power-combining with Coupled Oscillator Arrays , R. A. York, R. C. Compton
  3. Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Quasi-optical Oscillator with Multi-elements , M. Nakayama, M. Hieda, T. Tanaka, H. Kondo, K. Osakabe, K. Mizuno
  4. Network Analysis of Planar Spatial Power Combining , T. Itoh

Session 4: Multipliers 1

  1. Theoretical Efficiency of Multiplier Devices, T. J. Tolmunen, M. A. Frerking
  2. Multipliers for THz Heterodyne Systems , B.L.A. Rydberg, B. N. Lyons, U. S. Lidholm
  3. Quantum Well Diode Frequency Multiplier Study , R. J. Hwu, N. C. Luhmann, Jr.
  4. 90 to 180 GHz Heterostructure Monolithic Integrated Doubler , Y. Kwon, D. Pavlidis, P. Marsh, M. Tutt, G. R. Ng, T. Brock

Session 5: Multipliers 2

  1. Recent Development of Barrier-intrinsic-N+ Diode (BIN) Frequency Tripier, R J. Hwu, N. C. Luhmann, Jr.
  2. Design of Planar Varactor Frequency Multiplier Devices with Blocking Barriers , U. Lieneweg, T. Tolmunen, M. Frerking, J. Maserjian
  3. Monolithic Metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) Varactor Frequency Multipliers in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Region , R. J. Hwu, L. P. Sadwick, G. B. Stringfellow
  4. Millimeter-wave Monolithic Solid State Device Arrays , H-X. King; N. C. Luhmann, Jr., X. Qin, L. B. Sjogren, W. Wu
  5. Current Saturation in Submillimeter-wave Varactors , E. Kollberg, T. Tolmunen, M. Frerking, J. East

Session 6: Mixers

  1. GaAs Schottky Diodes for Mixing Applications Beyond 1 THz, T. W. Crowe, W. C. B. Peatman
  2. Millimeter Wave Planar Doped Barrier Detector Diodes , Y. Anand, J. Hillson, A. Torabi, J. East
  3. Two-dimensional Electron Gas Hot-electron ("2DEG") Mixers for Millimeter Waves and Submillimeter Waves, J.-X. Yang, W. Grammer, F. Agahi, K. M. Lau, K. S. Yngvesson
  4. InGaAs Schottky Barrier Mixer Diodes for Minimum Conversion Loss and Low LO Power Requirements at Terahertz Frequencies , U. V. Bhapkar, T. A. Brennan, R. J. Mattauch
  5. High Gain and Noise in SIS Mixers at Submillimeter Wavelengths , M. J. Wengler, N. Dubash, G. Pance, R. E. Miller
  6. Terahertz Detectors Based on Superconducting Kinetic Inductance , E. N. Grossman, D. G. McDonald, J. E. Sauvageau

Session 7: Mixers 2

  1. Low-noise 205 GHz SIS Mixers Using High Current Density Nb and NbN Tunnel Junctions, W. R. McGrath, H. H. S. Javadi, S. R. Cypher, B. Bumble, B. D. Hunt, H. G. LeDuc
  2. Nb Based Mixer Elements for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths, A. W. Lichtenberger, D. M. Lea, A. C. Hicks, J. D. Prince, R. Densing, D. Peterson, B. S. Deaver
  3. A Low Noise 230 GHz Heterodyne Receiver Employing 0.25 micron square Nb/ Al-AIOx/Nb Tunnel Junctions , J. W. Kooi, M. Chan, T. G. Phillips, B. Bumble, H. G. LeDuc
  4. SIS Mixing at 345 GHz with Arrays of NB-AI203-Nb Junctions , C. E. Honingh, H. H. Schaeffer, Th. de Graauw, M. M. T. M. Dierichs, T. M. Klapwijk

Session 8: Antennas 2 and More

  1. ,
  2. Quasi-optical Slot Antenna SIS Mixers , Jonas Zmuidzinas
  3. Millimeter-wave Double-dipole Antennas for High Efficiency , D. F. Filipovic, W. Y. AIi-Ahmad, G. M. Rebeiz
  4. Update of the LeRC Submillimeter Backward-wave Oscillator Program , Stankiewicz, Barnett, Dayton
  5. Millimeter Wave Radiation Generated by Optical Mixing in PETs Integrated with Printed Circuit Antennas , D. V. Plant, H. R. Fetterman, D. C. Scott, D. C. Ni

Session 9: Circuits and More

  1. Sliding Backshorts for Planar Circuits, V. M. Lubecke, W. R. McGrath, D. B. Rutledge
  2. Low-loss Guiding Structures for THz Frequency Applications , A. G. Engel, Jr.; T. E. van Deventer; L. P. B. Katehi
  3. Improved Superconductive Mixer Coupling: Sub-millimeter Performance without Sub-micron Lithography , J. A. Carpenter, E. R. Arambula, E. B. Guillory, A. D. Smith
  4. D-band Vector Network Analyzer , J. Steimel, Jr.; J. East
  5. Tunable High-frequency Radiation Source Utilizing a RelativisticalIy Propagating Ionization Front , R. L. Savage, Jr.; C. Joshi; W. B. Mori

Session 10: Receivers and More

  1. Submillimeter InP-based High Electron Mobility Transistors, L. D. Nguyen, A. S. Brown, L. E. Larson
  2. Wave-coupled LiNb03 Electro-optic Modulator for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Modulation , W. B. Bridges, F. T. Sheehy, J. H. Schaffner
  3. A Planar Wideband Subharmonic Millimeter wave Receiver, B. K. Kormanyos, C. C. Ling, G. M. Rebeiz, P. H. Ostdiek, W. L. Bishop, T. W. Crowe
  4. 380 GHz Receiver Front-end for the Balloon-borne Radioastronomical Experiment - Pronaos , O. Perrin, C. Robert, P. Feautrier, P. Febvre, G. Beaudin, P. Encrenaz, M. Gheudin, J. Lacroix, G. Montignac
  5. Submillimeter Receiver Development at the University of Cologne , J. Hernichel, F. Lewen, K. Matthes, M. Klumb, T. Rose, G. Winnewisser, P. Zimmermann
  6. A Water Vapor and Temperature Atmospheric Vertical Sounder Between 110 and 190 GHz: Observing Campaigns in Prospect , P. Abba, G. Beaudin, A. Deschamp, P. Encrenaz, M. Gheudin, J. R. Jegou, c. Prigent, G. Ruffie, G. Thomas