Servicing Item 15: Cylinder Head Nuts Valve Clearance (with Engine cold)

Check the torque of the nuts of the four cylinder head nuts and the two cylinder head nuts every 3000 miles. First remove the hex nut (wrench size 14) as well as both lateral nuts (wrench size 10) and remove rocker arm cover. Figure 49

If necessary, retighten cylinder head nuts and nuts as shown on diagram with torque wrench (25 + 2.8 lb/ft). Figure 50

Check valve clearance -- required after each retightening of the cylinder head nuts -- with feeler gage between valve stem and rocker arm when engine is stopped and cold. To do this, unscrew spark plugs and turn engine over with allen wrench (wrench size 6) at the alternator rotor bolt until the cylinder to be adjusted is at compression top dead center. Both valves are closed. If necessary, readjust clearance (wrench size 12) after loosening the lock nut (wrench size 12), secure with lock nut, recheck valve clearance. Figure 51