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Co-Domain Symmetry for Complex-Valued Deep Learning
Utkarsh Singhal and Yifei Xing and Stella X. Yu
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, New Orleans, Louisiana, 19-24 June 2022
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We study complex-valued scaling as a type of symmetry natural and unique to complex-valued measurements and representations. Deep Complex Networks (DCN) extend real-valued algebra to the complex domain without addressing complex-valued scaling. SurReal extends manifold learning to the complex plane, achieving scaling invariance with manifold distances that discard phase information.

Treating complex-valued scaling as a co-domain transformation, we design novel equivariant/invariant layer functions and architectures that exploit co-domain symmetry. We also propose novel complex-valued representations of RGB images, where complex-valued scaling indicates hue shift or correlated changes across color channels.

Benchmarked on MSTAR, CIFAR10, CIFAR100, and SVHN, our co-domain symmetric (CDS) classifiers deliver higher accuracy, better generalization, more robustness to co-domain transformations, and lower model bias and variance than DCN and SurReal with far fewer parameters.

complex-valued deep learning, equivariance, invariance, symmetry