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Object Detection and Segmentation from Joint Embedding of Parts and Pixels
Michael Maire and Stella X. Yu and Pietro Perona
International Conference on Computer Vision, Barcelona, Spain, 6-13 Novemeber 2011
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We present a new framework in which image segmentation, figure/ground organization, and object detection all appear as the result of solving a single grouping problem. This framework serves as a perceptual organization stage that integrates information from low-level image cues with that of high-level part detectors. Pixels and parts each appear as nodes in a graph whose edges encode both affinity and ordering relationships. We derive a generalized eigen-problem from this graph and read off an interpretation of the image from the solution eigenvectors. Combining an off-the-shelf top-down part-based person detector with our low-level cues and grouping formulation, we demonstrate improvements to object detection and segmentation.

angular embedding, object segmentation, figure-ground organization, poselets