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Research Interests, Projects, Publications

Student Research Projects
Here are some research projects for students interested in working with me. Here are a few quirky problems.
My students, collaborators, and I most often work in parallel computing, using supercomputers for computational science, algorithms for abstract models, implementations and abstract models for some aspects of machine learning, and points inbetween. We also work serial algorithms; adaptive clinical trials and active learning; and random other things. The computational science work has involved small projects, such as ground water remediation, atmospheric modeling, and statistical imputation, and large multidisciplinary projects on frameworks for earth systems modeling and space environment modeling.
These were needed so that I didn't Perish.  Here is an annotated list and my vita.

Teaching, Students

Tutorials, Consulting

Parallel Computing Tutorials
Taught at U.S. Patent Office (USTPO), Ford Motor, NASA, and various supercomputing and parallel computing conferences. Here's an overview of the tutorial.
Tutorials on Adaptive Clinical Trial Design
Emphasizing their application to phase I, phase I/II, and ethical clinical trials. Here is a description of our research in adaptive sampling.
I do consulting in parallel computing, supercomputing, adaptive clinical trials, and algorithms. I've consulted for or been supported by IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, Ford Motor, DARPA, NSA, NSF, NASA, DOE, DoD, ..., and my students have been supported by many of these institutions as well as Microsoft, Google, Intel, AT&T, JP Morgan, etc.
I've also been an expert witness, on the winning side, and assisted with patent cases.

How to reach me:

Computer Science and Engineering   QStout @ umich · edu
University of Michigan   734/763-1518
2260 Hayward St.  
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121   web.eecs.umich.edu/~qstout/

If you are close enough, “Hi” is quite effective.

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