Natural Rodent Control

My rodent control system has had, at various times, five distinct rodent elimination units:
Cat 1 Cat 2
Unit #1 Unit #2
Cat 3 Cat 4
Unit #3 Unit #4

Rodent elimination unit #1 is a spayed female, apparently half-siamese, who we refer to affectionately as "the half-siamese cat". We got her as an adult from a neighbor. She's rather noisy, but pretty friendly.

Unit #2 is a big gray tiger-striped tomcat, who we usually refer to as "the big gray tiger-striped tomcat". (Notice the imaginative way we name our cats.) We got him several years ago as a kitten. He sometimes wanders off for weeks at a time. We should get him "fixed" at some point, although I suspect he doesn't think he's broken. Update: This guy bought the farm in early October of 2002. Don't know what happened, just found him dead out by the swing set.

Unit #3 is another cat we got as a kitten. He's an all-white neutered male, very friendly but very stupid. He's affectionately referred to as "snowball" or "snowbrains". Update: Disappeared in early June of 2002; he was presumed dead, but reappeared in November 2002. Disappeared again summer of 2003, hasn't reappeared, again presumed dead. (My son saw a dead white cat on the road near our home, so this time I think he's really gone.)

Unit #4, "smokey", is our second-most-recent acquisition. He's very friendly and playful, and sometimes appears to think he's a dog. (He's been known to sleep on top of alarm unit #2.)

Unit #5, "sheba", was acquired in November of 2003. She's extraordinarily friendly, and loves to be held.

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