Home Security Systems

My home security system has two major components: the alarm/deterrence subsystem, and the intruder elimination subsystem. These are described below.

Alarm/Deterrence Units

My security system has two redundant alarm/deterrence units:

Alarm Unit #1 Alarm Unit #2
Alarm unit #1, a.k.a. "Ruby", is part Rhodesian Ridgeback, part Golden Retriever, and part who-knows-what. (I suspect she has some Greyhound or Whippet in her, since she's built like one and can run as fast as any dog I've ever seen.) Ruby doesn't bark all that much, but she has a valuable characteristic of Rhodesian ridgebacks: the fur on her spine runs the "wrong" way, so that she always looks like her hackles are up. Alarm unit #2, a.k.a. "Schwartzey", is part black lab, part something else. He's the noisier of the two, and thus more valuable as an alarm.

Intruder Elimination Devices

I believe in the shotgun approach to home security: I keep my home secure by owning a shotgun. My main "intruder elimination device" is shown below:

This is a Remington® 1100 semi-automatic 12-gauge. It is shown here with the Remington 21-inch improved cylinder "Deerslayer" slug barrel and a 2.5-power Tasco Pronghorn scope.

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