I am currently interested in funding a postdoctoral researcher.

I am interested in designing and building systems that are reliable in the presence of both hardware faults and software bugs. This means designing systems that employ fault-tolerant replication, formal verification---or both.

Most of my fault-tolerance projects involve building and evaluating a system, for which solid programming skills are required. My formal verification projects, on the other hand are more about proving the correctness (and more) of complex systems. So, if you like to build systems or to understand how they work and why, send me an email introducing yourself and let me know a little bit about your background and interests.

The most important skill that a good PhD student must possess is the willingness to set a goal and work hard until that goal is achieved. Doing a PhD is not just about intelligence; it is foremost about perseverance.

A strong postdoctoral candidate would have experience in publishing at top venues in his/her field (e.g. SOSP/OSDI/NSDI for systems, CAV/POPL/PLDI for formal verification, etc.)