We consider image transformation problems, where an input image is transformed into an output image. Recent methods for such problems typically train feed-forward convolutional neural networks using a per-pixel loss between the output and ground-truth images. Parallel work has shown that high-quality images can be generated by defining and optimizing perceptual loss functions based on high-level features extracted from pretrained networks. We combine the benefits of both approaches, and propose the use of perceptual loss functions for training feed-forward networks for image transformation tasks. We show results on image style transfer, where a feed-forward network is trained to solve the optimization problem proposed by Gatys et al. in real-time. Compared to the optimization-based method, our network gives similar qualitative results but is three orders of magnitude faster. We also experiment with single-image super-resolution, where replacing a per-pixel loss with a perceptual loss gives visually pleasing results.
To appear in ECCV 2016

Code and Extras

You can find the code on Github, including:
  • Training/test code (uses Torch/Lua)
  • Pretrained models
  • Live webcam demo


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Example Results: Style Transfer

The Starry Night,
Vincent Van Gogh,
Original Gatys et al. Ours
The Great Wave off Kanagawa,
Original Gatys et al. Ours
Composition VII,
Wassily Kandinsky,
Original Gatys et al. Ours
The Muse,
Pablo Picasso,
Original Gatys et al. Ours