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  1. Course Grade Composition:

    Class participation: 10%

    Paper presentation and reviews: 40%

    • Present up to 4 papers in team of 2
    • Write up to 4 paper reviews/reports in team of 2
    • See below for the expected contents of paper reviews and presentation.


    • Proposal and presentation: S/U
    • Prototype and presentation: S/U
    • Final report and presentation (and demo): 40%
    • Poster presentation (and demo): 10%

    For project grading, see the Project page.

  2. Policy on Collaboration

    You may, and are encouraged to, team up to work on your course project, paper reviews, and paper presentation.

    Acts of cheating and plagiarizing will be reported to the Engineering Honor Council. Cheating is when you copy, with or without modification, someone else's work that is not meant to be publicly accesible. Plagiarizing is when you copy, with or without modification, someone else's work that is publicly available without acknowledging the original author. You may also want to read the College of Engineering Honor Code.

    If you received substantial help from another person to complete your assignment, you must acknowledge them in your work. If you use any published materials (books, papers, or materials found on the Web) in any of your reports, you must give full citations that enable locating the original materials (for example, the URL of the Web site).

    For this course, this means that you must write each paper report by yourselves (in team). Don't copy verbatim any report on the same paper you found online. I prefer that you prepare your team's presentation of each paper on your own. If you want to use the authors' or other people's presentation slides found online, you must acknowledge the source and provide a url for the source. Your team must work on your project by yourselves, not copying someone else's code found online. You may use open-source code or library to help you complete your project. (There are too many permutations of what's available online that you can or cannot use to list them all here. Ask me case by case.)

  3. Late Days

    Due to the nature of the assignments, no late work will be accepted. Paper summaries must be turned in before the papers are discussed in class. Paper and final report presentations must be ready for presentation at the start of the scheduled class time. Final project report is due the last day of class. If you don't turn in an assignment by its due date, you will receive a zero for the assignment.

  4. Paper Review and Presentation

    Students, in team of 2, will be required to present up to 4 papers during the course. Students, again in team of 2, will also be required to turn in a review of up to 4 papers during the course. You are strongly encouraged to prepare the slides for your presentation yourself, but if you do find presentation slides on the paper you're covering on the Web, you may use them with proper attribution (you still have to do the presentation yourself, not just replay any recorded video found). Your paper review and presentation must be submitted in hard copy at the start of class. In addition, please updload your presentation and reviews to the course's Canvas Assignments page.

    Here's what I expect to be in the paper review:

    Paper presentations, on the other hand, would weigh more heavily on the presentation of the paper's contents. You should present the paper as if you're presenting it for a prelim exam. You should plan on a 40-minute presentation, including Q&A time, double the usual conference talk length). In addition, you should prepare one slide each on the second and third points above, which we'll use to lead our in-class discussion.


    • Proof read your reports for editorial errors such as typoes, grammatical errors, and run-on and unfinished sentences (most often seen in hastily written report done the night before its due). Reports with editorial errors will be graded "Unsatisfactory."

    • If any part of your review contains a cut-and-paste of the paper's contents, or any document found online, other than in the form of a quotation with proper attribution, you will be reported to the Honor Council for plagiarism and you will get 0 point for the review, plus any other penalty assigned by the Honor Council.

      If you have someone else write your review, either for free or for a fee, you will also get a 0 and be reported to the Honor Council for cheating. If you don't have time to do a proper review, just don't turn one in and take a 0, instead of committing dishonorable acts.

      If you have any doubt at all about the honesty of any act you're about to commit, it probably is not. When in doubt, come discuss it with me.