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Fall 2011 EECS 281 (First Half)
Syllabus and Lecture Notes

Plain Page for Printing

Tentative syllabus:
Week 1 Introduction, Algorithm Analysis
Chs. 1 and 3
Tue 9/6 Introduction: representation and abstraction, algorithmic patterns; binary search, simple back-of-the-envelope analysis
(download slide show)
Thu 9/8
PA1 Assigned
Algorithm Analysis: operation count
(download slide show)
Discussion Week 1 Standard I/O and iostream, getopt(), make, gdb, unit testing
Week 2 Foundational Data Structures and Basic Abstract Data Types
Chs. 3 and 10
Tue 9/13
HW1 Assigned
Algorithm Analysis: asymptotic analysis, empirical evaluation; Arrays
(download slide show)
Thu 9/15
Linked-list, Stacks and Queues, PA1 walkthrough
(download slide show)
Discussion Week 2 Pointer refresher, references, valgrind; Forward class declaration, inheritance, polymorphism, virtual function; Constructor and destructor
Week 3 Hashing, Recursion and Recurrence Relations, Trees, Binary Search Trees
Chs. 11 and 4

Tue 9/20 Unsorted Dictionary: Hashing;
Sorted Dictionary: Binary Search; Recurrence Relations

(download slide show)
Thu 9/22
PA1 Due
PA2 Assigned
Tree terminology, tree traversal, Binary Search Trees (BST)
(download slide show)
Discussion Week 3 Floating-point numbers, hashing, recurrence relations, BST
Week 4 Range and Multidimensional Searches
Ch. 12

Optional reading:
Bentley, "Multidimensional Binary Search Trees Used for Associative Searching," CACM, 18(9):509-517, Sept. 1975.
Tue 9/27
HW1 Due
HW2 Assigned
Range search, multidimensional search: k-d trees
(download slide show)
Thu 9/29
BSP, nearest-neighbor search, PA2 walkthrough (no new slides)
Discussion Week 4 Range and multidimensional searches
Week 5 Heaps, Tries, Balanced Search Trees
Ch. 6 except Section 6.4

AVL trees
2-3 trees
2-3-4 trees
Tue 10/4
Priority Queue and Heaps; Tries; Huffman encoding; AVL trees
(download slide show)
Thu 10/6 Multi-way trees (download slide show)
Discussion Week 5 Heap, Huffman coding, and AVL trees
Week 6 Binary-tree Representations of Multi-way Trees
Ch. 13

Red-black trees
Red-black trees
AA trees
Tue 10/11
Red-black trees
Thu 10/13
PA2 Due
AA trees, Treaps
Discussion Week 6 Multi-way trees and their binary-tree representations
Week 7 Midterm Exam
Tue 10/18
Fall Break NO CLASS
Wed, 10/19
6-8 pm in Chesebrough Auditorium
HW2 Due
Midterm Review
Thu 10/20
6-8 pm in various rooms in CSE and DOW
Midterm Exam
No class during lecture times, I'll be in my office for extra office hours instead.

Exam rooms:
  • CSE 1670 for uniqnames starting with a-e
  • DOW 1010 f-j
  • DOW 1014 k-m
  • DOW 1017 n-s
  • DOW 1005 t-z
  • CSE 1690 special arrangements incl. makeup exam
Midterm Review on Wed 6-8 pm instead