University of Michigan

Fall 2006 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics

  The topic of the workshop for this, the fifth year of  
   a regular series, is modalities and their linguistic realizations.

  Attendance for those who are not faculty or registered
   students at the University of Michigan is by invitation only.

  Dates:   The workshop will be held November 3-5, 2006.

  Workshop Organizers:   Ivan Mayerhofer <>
                                       Tim Sundell <>
                                       Rich Thomason <>

  Local Participants: 
               Barbara Abbott                Michael Allers
               Aaron Bronfman             Josh Brown
               Thony Gillies                   Dustin Locke
               Peter Ludlow                   Matthew Pugsley
               Eric Swanson                  Dustin Tucker

  Invited Participants: 
               Nick Asher                        David Beaver
               Maria Bittner                    Andy Egan
               Erin Eaker                       Martina Faller
               Sabine Iatridou                John MacFarlane
               Paul Portner                    Mark Richard
               Craige Roberts                 Valentine Hacquard
               Kai von Fintel                  Seth Yalcin
               Frank Veltman

 Program:   See  here for information about presented papers and commentator
                   See  here for a time schedule.