University of Michigan

Fall 2006 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics
Workshop Schedule


 1. Friday, Nov. 3

         Place: Michigan Room, Michigan League
400-600    John MacFarlane, "Epistemic Modals are Assessment-Sensitive"
          Seth Yalcin and Mark Richard.

  2.  Saturday, Nov. 4

         Place: Michigan Room, Michigan League
930-1130   Martina Faller, "Evidentiality and epistemic modality at the semantics/pragmatics interface"
       Paul Portner and Eric Swanson
130-330    Valentine Hacquard, "On the interaction of aspect and modal auxiliaries"
        Nick Asher and von Kai von Fintel
400-600      Craige Roberts, "Perspective in Semantic Interpretation"
        Maria Bittner and Erin Eaker  
700-1000 or later    Dinner and Party at Thomason House

  3.  Sunday, Nov. 5

         Place: Michigan Room, Michigan League
1000-1200      Sabine Iatridou (coauthor Kai von Fintel), "How to say 'ought' in foreign: the morphological composition and meaning of weak necessity modals"
        Thony Gillies and David Beaver