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Cartoon Collages

Example Cartoon Collage

Write a function named cartoon in a file named that accepts NO input to create a cartoon collage: Place several characters (at least three) into a scene, and make at least two of the characters "say" something using the addText function. You can see an example at Example Cartoon Collage. (Yes, you are ENCOURAGED to be humorous – but tasteful!. If it couldn't appear in The Technique, don't hand it in as homework!)

The addText function takes four inputs:
  1. The picture that the text should be added to.
  2. The X position (left edge) where the text should appear.
  3. The Y position (top edge) where the text should appear.
  4. The text (string) that should be added to the picture. (Right now, we're not showing you how to use different fonts and styles – that comes later.)

Your single function should make all of this happen–all of the effects and compositing must occur from the single function cartoon(). IT IS PERFECTLY OKAY FOR cartoon() TO USE OTHER FUNCTIONS! Your TA will only setMediaPath() and will put all your input pictures in her mediasources directory, and then execute cartoon()–and will expect to see a collage get generated

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