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Barbara Ericson

See for my most recent website.

Uploaded Image: barbara.jpgI am a senior research scientist at Georgia Tech and also a part-time PhD student in Human Centered Computing. Currently I am working for the Institute for Computing Education at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. I am trying to improve the quality and quantity of secondary computing teachers. I am also trying to increase the quantity and diversity of CS students in Georgia. I have a bachelors and masters degree in Computer Science. I have worked in several research labs: General Motors Research Labs, Bell Communication Research, and The Institue for Paper Science and Technology. I also worked at NCR and Clark Atlanta University. I have been working in computer science for over 30 years. I have done a variety of things: 3d graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, medical informatics, telecommunications, finite element analysis, object-oriented development, and computer-science education. I hold two patents for my work in case-based reasoning.

See our distance learning website for video tutorials on many subjects. My e-mail is

I am an author of several computer science textbooks Media Computation in Java, Media Comptuation in Python, Exploring Wonderland, and Problem Solving with Data Structures Using Java.

My husband, Dr. Mark Guzdial, and I were the winners of the 2010 Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Computing Educator Award. I am also the winner of the 2012 A. Richard Newton Educator Award for my efforts to attract more females to computing.

I have served on the CSTA's Board of Directors, the Advanced Placement Computer Science Development Committee, and the NCWIT executive committee for the K-12 Alliance.

I have taught continuing-education courses and undergraduate courses for Georgia Tech. I developed several continuing-education courses for Tech.

This is one of my daughters in a sample collage using Media Computation.
Uploaded Image: JennyCollage.jpg

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