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Using Robots, Turtles, and Sound to Teach Java Feb 27-28 2006

Here are the slides from the workshop: Here are Pictures from Robot Workshop Feb 2006

Here is the sample class for programming in leJOS (Java) on the LEGO Mindstorms robots: To use leJOS first download this file setup.bat and put it in the lejos/bin directory. Edit this file and fix the LEJOS_HOME and JAVA_HOME directories to be correct.

Then open a command prompt and change to the lejos/bin directory. See How to Change Directories in a Command Prompt for information on how to do this. Then type:


in the command prompt and hit return. This will set up the user's environment variables to use leJOS. You will need to run this each time you open a command prompt to do leJOS. You can also add the information in this file to your User environment variables and then you won't need to execute this every time.

There is curriculum using leJOS at and at

The Institute for Computing Education (ICE) at Georgia Tech will hold a 10 hour workshop Monday Feb 27th from 5:00pm - 9:00pm and Tues Feb 28th from 8:00am - 2:00pm in room 107 at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. The workshop is free for public school teachers and cost $150 for private school teachers. Due to a grant from the Toyota Foundation we will be able to cover hotel and meal costs for public school teachers from outside of the Atlanta area. We will also cover lunch on Tues for all teachers. We are also able to offer a $200 stipend to the first 20 public school teachers who register and attend the entire workshop. We need to have at least 12 public school teachers registered in order to hold the workshop.

In the workshop we will build and program Lego Mindstorms Robots using drag-and-drop programming and Java. We will write programs to control a virtual robot (a turtle) and create programs that manipulate sounds as well. We will have about 10 Lego kits so each teacher will be able to program a robot (shared). We also have a VEX robot, an amusement park LEGO set, a CD from CMU, and books on LEGO robots and Karel J Robot. You must have Java experience to take this workshop!

Send e-mail to to apply. Teachers who attend the entire workshop will receive 1 PLU. You do not need to register on GVSDC.

The closest parking is at the State Street Visitors Lot (between State and Atlantic on Ferst). This lot charges a maximum of $8.00 a day. Directions to the College of Computing Building are at

Registered Public School Teachers:

  1. Jennifer Uboh" South Cobb High School Jennifer.Uboh at
  2. Steven C. Thedford, Redan High School steven_c_thedford at
  3. Mr. Vera, Leovan, North Springs H.S., Fulton County, Vera at
  4. Shannon Miller Miller Grove HS shannon_d_miller at
  5. David Chang, Alpharetta High School, Fulton Co, hsichang1 at
  6. Gary Liu, Tri-cities High School, liug1 at
  7. Pamela C. Meguiar, Towers High School, pamela_c_meguiar at
  8. Sharquinta Tuggle, Clarkston High School, sharquintatuggle at
  9. Emily Osburne, Lassiter High School, Emily.Osburne at
  10. Joe Willard, Kendrick High School, jwillard at
  11. Michelle Venable-Foster, South Gwinnett High School, gmb2000 at
  12. Anelone Hilaire, Southside High School, Atlanta Public Schools, anelone at
  13. Valerie Bryan, Kell HS,
  14. Dr. Mohamad A. Hindawi, Tucker High School, mohamad_a_hindawi at
  15. Walter Henry, Carver High School, Muscogee,,
  16. Larry Wilkes, North Cobb HS, Larry.Wilkes at
  17. Chris West, chris_t_west at
  18. Emily McNeeley, mcneeleye at

Wait List:

Only Monday Night:
Marian Hesse, Southwest DeKalb High School, marian_hesse at

Registered Private School Teachers:
Abe Ghebru, St. Pius X Catholic High School, ghebru at

Can't make it:
Janet Blouin - Brookwood High School janet_blouin at
Douglas Edwards, Westlake High School, EdwardsD3 at
Laverne Moss, laverne_moss at

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