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Attendance for the May 5th, 2011 Web Development workshop

  1. Brooke Skelton, skeltbr[at], Academy of Richmond County
  2. Clotovis Barker-Williams, tovib1977[at], Cedar Grove High School - Op. Reboot
  3. Marian Hesse, marian_hesse[at], Southwest DeKalb High School, credit
  4. Emmie Allmon, eallmon[at], Fannin County High School
  5. Mark Giles, Mark.Giles[at], Sprayberry High School - Op. Reboot, credit
  6. Katie Morgan, morgank[at], Northview High School
  7. Stephanie Pendley, stephanie.pendley[at], Alexander High School
  8. Latonya Herring, latonya.herring[at], Columbia High School - Op. Reboot
  9. Ashley Green, agreen[at], St. Pius X Catholic High School, attended webinar, did 2 hours of work, credit
  10. AJ Melanson, amelanson[at], Marietta High School
  11. Dale Simpson, simpsond[at], North Springs Charter High School
  12. Tracey Wilson, tracey.wilson[at], Central Educational Center
  13. Suzanne Manahan, suzanne.manahan[at], Kennesaw Mountain High School - Op. Reboot
  14. Vikki Harmon, vmharmon[at], Jonesboro High School
  15. Pamela Thompson Hickman, pamela.hickman[at], Alexander High School
  16. Natalie Johnson, nejohnson[at], South Paulding High School
  17. Beth Moore-Williams, beth.moore-williams[at], Kell High School
  18. Gus Perkins, gperkins[at], Marietta High School
  19. David Rees Phenix, dphenix[at], Rockdale County High School
  20. Pintu Thaker, pintu_thaker[at], Meadowcreek High School, credit
  21. Darryl McCune, Darryl.McCune[at], Sprayberry High School - Op. Reboot
  22. Jamie Fredrickson, jamie.fredrickson[at], Albany High School, credit
  23. Tara Whitteker #2, twhitteker[at], Wayne Co. High School
  24. Olufemi Tinubu, olutinubu[at], Morrow High School - Op. Reboot
  25. Cynthia Jackson, cynthia_h_jackson[at], Cedar Grove High School - Op. Reboot
  26. Schmekia Hamm-Tate, shamm[at], Morrow High School - Op. Reboot
  27. Stephanie Felton, stephanie_felton[at], Arabia Mountain High School
  28. Stephanie McCall, mccalls[at], Northview High School, credit

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