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Mrs. Rochelle Lawrence Jones

Educator, FBLA Adviser (Future Business Leaders of America)
South Gwinnett High School, Snellville, GA
Business Education
(770) 736-4321


CONGRATUALTIONS to the following FBLA NATIONAL Competitors (Anaheim, CA):
-Brandon Lewis - 1st Place - Impromptu Speaking
-Stephen Hester - 8th Place - Banking and Financial Systems

Personal Profile
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance, Masters - Secondary Education

Background Career: Stock Broker specializing in Retirement Planning (career changer)

Courses Taught (2009-10): Computer Applications 1, Computing in the Modern World

Lesson Plans: Computing in the Modern World

Binary Number System
Lesson Plan #1 Binary Number System.doc
ASCII Computer Coding ASSIGNMENT.doc

Scratch Lesson Plan
Scratch Lesson Plan.doc
Catch the Pumpkin Project #1 (INSTRUCTIONS) 7-8-2009.ppt
GAME- Catch the
My Scratch Project #2.doc

Alice Lesson Plan

Alice INTRO Lesson Plan.doc
Alice Storyboard - Frog and the Ladybug.doc

MOVIE Sheriff's

Alice - Cowboy Project #1.a2w
Alice - Frog it Ladybug.a2w
Alice - Rolling Ball.a2w
Dragon Movie #2.a2w
Alice - Shark chase_eat fish (while loop).a2w

Alice - SimpleGame (Ghost).a2w

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