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Teachers who attended Computing in the Modern World 2009

  1. Sean Bell, credit
  2. Corey Carter, missed one day - child sick - no credit
  3. Lisa Dangler, credit
  4. Janet Dover, no sign in on Thurs (checking), did attend so credit
  5. Kay Eason-Bradwell Institute, credit
  6. Joe Finkelstein, credit
  7. Ernest Jackson, credit
  8. Christye Johnson, sick one day - no credit
  9. Danielle Jones, credit
  10. Mrs. Rochelle Lawrence Jones, credit
  11. Leatrice Latimore, credit
  12. Hazel Marshall, credit
  13. Chantel Oden left early 2 days for sick child - (checking) - credit
  14. Linda Parris, credit
  15. David Phenix -sent e-mail Aug 6th, no response, no credit
  16. Michelle Smith - sent e-mail 7/28/09 no response, no credit
  17. Teresa Smith, credit
  18. Debra Sutton, credit
  19. Jennifer Turner, credit
  20. Kirk Warner, credit
  21. Tara Whitteker, credit,
  22. Tracey Wilson, no sign in on Friday (checking)- did attend, credit
  23. Sue Wray, credit

No Shows
Lilliam Durant Adkins
Kimberly Hatcher
Seandra Hill
Tricia Alfred McCoy
Jennifer Scott
Theo Smith Jr
Kristie Stargell
David Turner
Glenda Williams

IT Workers
Scott Mayham
Karuna Rhena
Ping Zhang

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