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Teachers who attended the AP CS 2007 Workshop

A total of 30 teachers attended

Teachers from Public Schools in Georgia
  1. Deepa Muralidhar,, Northview High School, Fulton, attended, no credit
  2. Elizabeth Parrish,, Campbell HS, Cobb, attended, credit
  3. Jacquelyn Davis,, Hillgrove High School, Cobb County, attended, credit
  4. Joy Coker,, Whitfield Career Academy, Whitfield County, attended, credit
  5. Joseph Palmour,, North Oconee High School, Oconee County, attended, credit
  6. Michael Shallow,, Chattahoochee High School, Fulton, attended, credit
  7. Cristal Jones,, Creekside HS, Fulton, attended, credit
  8. Sheria Enahora,, Benjamin E. Mays HS, APS, attended, no credit
  9. Tanya Dwellingham,, Grady HS, APS, attended, credit
  10. James O'Connor,, South Forsyth HS, Forsyth, attended, credit
  11. Keith Gilliam,, Stephenson HS, DeKalb, attended, credit
  12. Julie Burke,, North Springs HS, Fulton County, attended, credit
  13. Sharon Wright,,Westlake HS, Fulton County, attended, credit
  14. Melanie Sanders,, Lassiter, Cobb, attended, no credit
  15. Frances Walters,, Columbia HS, DeKalb, attended, credit
  16. Jeffrey Jackson,, Kennesaw Mountain High School,Cobb County, attended, credit

Public No Shows:
  1. Shannon Miller,, Miller Grove HS, DeKalb, no show
  2. Raymond L. Parsons, (no show), Grayson HS, Gwinnett
  3. Robby Blakemore,, McEachern HS, Cobb, no deposit, no show

Teachers from Private Schools in Georgia
  1. Mary Reynolds,, The Westminster Schools, attended, credit
  2. Kyle Justice,, Whitefield Academy, attended, credit
  3. Antonyette Giammo,, Melbourne Central Catholic HS, attended, credit

Private school no-show:
  1. Jason Smith,, Pace Academy, no show

Teachers from outside of Georgia
  1. Suzanne Scivley,, Hoover High School, attended, credit, Ala
  2. Mick Y.Y. Chang,, Reagan HS, Houston Indep, attended, credit, Texas
  3. Damian Baraty,,Community School of Naples, attended, credit, Florida
  4. Ben Shuman,, CHOICE IT Institute, Niceville HS, Okaloosa, attended, credit, Florida
  5. Roy Black,, LAMP HS, Montgomery Public Schools, attended, credit, AL
  6. Oceana Bryant,, Alabama Scool of Fine Arts, attended, credit, AL
  7. Eric Totten,, Saltus Grammar School, attended, credit, Bahamas
  8. Robert Vawter,, Collierville HS, Shelby County, attended, credit, Tenn
  9. Robert Demarest,, Comm School of Naples, Naples, attended, credit, Florida
  10. Claude Rolland,, attended, credit, Florida, Archbishop McCarthy High School
  11. Reginald Harris,, The Benjamin School, Palm Beach, FL, attended, credit

Teachers I am not sure where they are from:

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