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Applicants for Beg Prog and Sys Summer 2005

19 teachers attended

  1. Ms. Stacey Graddy, Whitewater High, Fayette,, 770-460-3935 roommate Ginger Brant (GVSDC)
  2. Ms. Kristin Fox, Central Education Center, Coweta,, 678.423.2000 (GVSDC)
  3. Mr. Willie Andrew Haynes Jr, Jenkins County High School, Jenkins,, 478-982-6081 (GVSDC)
  4. GA Tech Site, Clarkston High School,, 404-630-2228 (GVSDC)
  5. JAVA is FUN!!!!, Norcross High School,, 678-592-2103 (GVSDC) (non-smoking)
  6. Ms. Diane B Rountree, Robert W. Groves High School,, 912-965-2520 (GVSDC) roommate Angelina Muskin
  7. Ms. Doris L Good, Cross Creek High School,, 706-772-8140 (GVSDC) roommate Mrs. Lattimore
  8. Mr. Walter Henry, Carver High School, Muscogee,, 706-324-4746 (GVSDC)
  9. Ms. Susan L. Dreschel, Cherokee High School, Cherokee,, 770-479-4112 private room (GVSDC)
  10. Ms. Courtney J Johnson, Tucker Middle,, 678-875-0902 (GVSDC) Courtney J. Johnson
  11. Ms. Donna P Kennedy, Jenkins County High School, Jenkins,, 912-982-4791 roommate Saxon Lloyd (GVSDC)
  12. Ms. Leatrice C Latimore, Academy of Richmond County, Richmond Co,, 706-737-7152 (GVSDC) roommate Doris Good
  13. Early Saxon Lloyd, Jenkins County High School,,, 912-982-4791, roommate Donna Kennedy (GVSDC)
  14. Angelina K Muskin, Groves High School, Pooler, Ga,, 912-966-6820 (GVSDC) roommate Diane B Rountree
  15. Ms. Ginger Brant, Whitewater High School, Fayette,, 770-460-2127, roommate Stacey Graddy (GVSDC)
  16. Mr. Cedric King, Westlake High School, Fulton County Schools,, 770-605-2977 (GVSDC)

  17. Ms. Cheryl Hudson, Westlake High School, Fulton County Schools,, 404-346-6400 (GVSDC) roomate Ms. La'Sonya V Smith.
  18. Mr. George Edwards, A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet High Scool in
    Richmond County, GA,, (706)868-8256 or (706)339-
  19. Ms. Sarah Martin, Benjamin E. Mayes High School, Atlanta Public Schools, 404.699.4537,

Teachers who are not able to make it this year:

  1. Ms. Carol Davies, Alpharetta High School, Fulton,, 770-365-6640
  2. Ms. Janice L Ritchey, Mceachern,, 678-464-4645
  3. Ms. Rhonda Young, Mamie Lou Gross Elementary,, 912-576-4800 roommate Barry Young (GVSDC)
  4. Mr. Barry G Young, Camden County High School,, 912-729-7318(GVSDC)
  5. Ms. La'Sonya V Smith, Redan High School, DeKalb County,, 770-469-1500 (GVSDC) roommate Ms. Cheryl Hudson
  6. Ms. Desiree' M Williams, Martin Luther King, Jr. High School,,770-323-2279
  7. Ms. Angie A Lewis, Groves High School, Savannah , GA,, 912-966-6820
  8. Ms. Schmekia M Hamm, Morrow High School,, 770-362-3865
  9. Ms. Tamela Wiggins Stone Mountain High School, 404 207-5561 (not residential)

Teachers who didn't show up

  1. Ms. Patrice Everson, Sol C. Johnson High School, Chatham,, 912-220-2783/912-925-4189
  2. Ms. Vivian I Morrow, Riverwood High School,, 404-241-1511 (GVSDC)
  3. Ms. Gertrude Rolland, Harlem High School, Harlem , GA,, 706-541-2736 (GVSDC)
  4. Mr. Steven C Robinson, Westlake High School,, 404-346-6400 (not residential) cancelled

Teachers from other states who would like to attend if the cost was covered

  1. Ms. Josefina Pacaon, Riverside High School, El Paso Texas,, 915-434-7081

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