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Attendance for Oct 22, 2011 - Intro to Scratch and Alice

25 people attended, 6 came from Operation Reboot (24% - pre-service)

  1. Marlena Mobley, Northside High School, credit
  2. Dana Johnson, Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy
  3. Christopher Michaud, Nebo Elementary School, credit
  4. Tugba Ayer, Fulton Science Academy, (left after Scratch)
  5. Thomas Cooper, The Walker School (left after Scratch)
  6. Walter Pawlowski, Creekland Middle School, Gwinnett
  7. Mike McCue, Stratford Academy, Bibb Co.
  8. Teri Weber, Johns Creek High School
  9. Michael Evans, LaGrange High School, Troup Co.
  10. Chavon Washington, Druid Hills High Annex at DeKalb School of the Arts
  11. Carol Broussard, Renaissance Middle School, Fulton
  12. Felecia Moore, Callaway Middle School, Troup Co, credit
  13. Georgia Grossett-Dale, Georgia Department of Education
  14. Dawn Dunlap, The Walker School (left after Scratch)
  15. Deidre Gordon
  16. Theresa Friedman, Brookwood High School, mentor, credit
  17. Yu (Gary) Liu, Tri-Cities High School, credit
  18. Akiba Gilbert, Maynard Jackson High School, credit
  19. Mark Giles, Sprayberry High School, credit

Operation Reboot
  1. Terry Foster, Maynard Jackson High School
  2. William Brown, Tri Cities High School
  3. Ron Friedman, Lanier High School
  4. Leslie Munnerlyn, Mountain View High School
  5. Tanisha Foust, Sprayberry High School
  6. Rona Williams, North Gwinnett High School

  1. Gerald Yavo, Forest Park High School
  2. Ava Brooks, Monroe Area High School
  3. Dale Simpson, North Springs Charter High School

No Show:
  1. Ginger Armour, South Habersham Middle School
  2. Ridvan Ay, FSA High School
  3. Nesim Bekaroglu, Fulton Sunshine Academy Elementary School
  4. Mariama Boone, Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy
  5. Krynica Drake, School Reform Team 3

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