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Web Design Class Project 5/5/11

Suzanne Manahan

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Suzanne is a fantastic Web Design Teacher. I have known her since we worked together at Lassiter High School in the early 2000. We were reassigned the same year and Suzanne went to Kennesaw Mountain High School and I went to Kell High School. Suzanne is the Web Master for Kennesaw High in addition to being a Business Education Teacher. Some classes that she have taught are: Computing in the Modern World, Fundamental and Advanced Web Design.

She is married and the mother of one beautiful little girl. It a good thing to be reunited with her in this class.- she can help me :)

Suzanne daughter is named Lydia and these are some of the latest words she has said

We are Cobb County teachers!

Suzanne's Teaching History
Lost Mountain MS7
Lassiter HS3
Kennesaw Mountain HS7

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