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Rosemary Lengsas

Mountain View High School, Gwinnett County
Classes Currently Taught:

BE Collaborative: Business Education Teachers Working Together

Business Education Resources

Learning Computing with Alice - November 21st, 2009

Storyboarding with Alice
PowerPoint 2003 Template -
PowerPoint 2007 Template -

Chicken Dancing

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Beginning Programming Workshop - Summer 2009

Using a Scribbler Robot to Make Music
Computer Programming.doc

Creating a Photo Slideshow with Python
Computer Programming - Photo Slideshow.doc

Photo Collage Planning Worksheet
Computer Programming - Photo Collage Planning Worksheet.doc

Collage Creation


Doubling the Frequency of Sound file, then Removing second half of Silence
Double Frequency, Removed Silence.JPG
Computer Programming - Photo Collage Planning Worksheet.doc

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