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Teachers that Attended Nov 21, 2009

22 teachers attended

  1. Queen Adeboyejo - Southwest high School, Bibb County, no credit
  2. Ginger Armour - South Habersham Middle School, Habersham County. credit
  3. Marlena Booker - GIVE Center East , Gwinnett County, credit
  4. Jacqueline Bowman - Northeast High School, Bibb County, credit
  5. Vonda Calhoun - Thomson High School, McDuffie County
  6. Camelia Calvert, Fulton County
  7. Susan Clark -Chattanooga Valley Middle, Walker County
  8. Lisa Collins - McIntosh High School, Fayette County
  9. Joe Finkelstein - Howard High School, Bibb County, credit
  10. Doris Good - Cross Creek HS, Richmond County
  11. Marian Hesse - Southwest DeKalb High School, DeKalb County, credit
  12. Roger Jacobson - Shaw High School, Muscogee County, credit
  13. Nita Jones - Columbus High School, Muscogee County, credit
  14. Rosemary Lengsas - Mountain View High School, Gwinnett County, credit
  15. Ann LoCicero - Clarke Middle, Clarke County, credit
  16. Maxine Marsh - Dutchtown High School, Henry County, credit
  17. Amishi McMorris - Willis Foreman Elementary School, Richmond County
  18. Rodney Ragsdale- Coffee High School, Coffee County
  19. Jennifer Uboh - Woodstock High School, Cherokee County
  20. April Wade - Rutland High School, Bibb County
  21. Steve Wells - Walker County, chattanooga valley middle
  22. Denise Wilbanks - West Jackson Middle School, Jackson County, credit

Not attending
Garry Brown - Canceled
Frances Renee Chandler - No Show
Thomas Cooper - Canceled
Dianne Davenport - Canceled
Suzanne L. Harris - Canceled
Kimberley Hatcher - No Show
Brooke Skelton -Canceled
Chavon D Washington - No show
Jackie Bowman Alice
Defending Nap Time.a2w

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