Validation of a Survivable Publish-Subscribe System

S. Singh, A. Agbaria, F. Stevens, T. Courtney, J. F. Meyer, W. H. Sanders, and P. Pal


We describe, with respect to high-level survivability requirements, the validation of a survivable publish-subscribe system that is under development. We use a top-down approach that methodically breaks the task of validation into manageable tasks, and for each task, applies techniques best suited to its accom-plishment. These efforts can be largely independent and use a variety of validation techniques, and the re-sults, which complement and supplement each other, are seamlessly integrated to provide a convincing as-surance argument. We also demonstrate the use of model-based validation techniques, as a part of the over-all validation procedure, to guide the system’s design by exploring different configurations and evaluating trade-offs.

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