1997 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

  1. Opening Remarks, Carl Kukkonen
  2. Submillimeter Astronomy - The Next Steps, K. Menten (paper not available)

Session 1 HEB 1

  1. Phonon-Cooled NbN HEB Mixers for Submillimeter Wavelengths, J. Kawamura, R. Blundell. C- Y .E. Tong, G. Gol'tsman. E. Gershenzon, B. Voronov, S. Cherendichenko
  2. Phonon-Cooled Ultra Thin NbN Hot Electron Bolometer Mixers at 620 GHz, H. Ekstrom, E. Kollberg, P. Yagubov, G. Gol'tsman, E. Gershenzon, S. Yngvesson
  3. Superconducting Transition and Heterodyne Performance at 730 GHz of a Diffusion-Cooled Nb Hot-Electron Bolometer Mixer, J.R. Gao, M.E. Glastra, R.H. Heeres, W. Hulshoff, D.W. Floet, H. van de Stadt, T.M. Klapwijk, Th. de Graauw
  4. Noise and RF Bandwidth Measurements of a 1.2 THz HEB Heterodyne Receiver, A. Skalare, W.R. McGrath, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc
  5. A Low-Noise Superconductive Nb Hot-Electron Mixer at 2.5 THz, B.S. Karasik, M.C. Gaidis, W.R. McGrath, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc
  6. Conversion Loss of a Resistive State Superconducting Mixer, O. Vendik, E. Kollberg

Session 2: SIS I

  1. Analysis of the Bandwidth Performance of SIS Mixers with Distributed Junction Arrays, S.C. Shi, T. Noguchi, J. Inatani
  2. Numerical Modeling of the Quasiparticle Non-Linear Transmission Line, C.Y.E. Tong, L. Chen, R. Blundell
  3. Determining Input Loss in SIS Receivers, C.E. Honingh, S. Haas, D. Hottgenroth, K. Jacobs, J. Stutzki
  4. Receiver Noise Temperature, the Quantum Noise Limit, and the Role of the Zero-Point Fluctuations, A.R. Kerr, M.J. Feldman, S.K. Pan

Session 3: Sources I

  1. Second-Harmonic Broad-Band 60-200 GHz InP Transferred Electron Device and Oscillators, S.H. Jones, M.F. Zybura, J.E. Carlstrom, T. O'Brien
  2. Why Don't Back-to-Back Abrupt Junction Frequency Triplers Work?, R.F. Bradley, A.R. Kerr, N.R. Erikson
  3. Wideband Fixed-Tuned Millimeter and Submillimeter- Wave Frequency Multipliers, N.R. Erikson
  4. Monolithic Schottky-Collector Resonant Tunnel Diode Oscillator Arrays to 650 GHz, M. Reddy, S.C. Martin, A.C. Molnar, R.E. Muller, R.P. Smith, P.H. Siegel, M.J. Mondry, M.J.W. Rodwell, S.J. Allen Jr.
  5. Fiber-Coupled Photomixers Operating at Cryogenic Temperatures, S. Verghese, K.A. McIntosh, E.R. Brown

Session 4: Semiconductors

  1. Accurate Circuit and Device Equations for Designing 50-600 GHz GaAs Schottky Diode Varactor Frequency Doublers, R.E. Lipsey, S.H. Jones, T.W. Crowe
  2. Fabrication and Optimization of Planar Schottky Diodes, A Simon, C.I. Lin, H.L. Hartnagel, P. Zimmermann, R. Zimmermann
  3. Advances in Submillimeter Wave Semiconductor Based Device Designs and Processes at JPL, R.P. Smith, S.C. Martin, M. Kim, J. Bruston, D. Humphrey, N. Erickson, P.H. Seigel
  4. Fixed-Tuned Submillimeter Waveguide Multipliers Using MMIC Technology, J. Bruston, R.P. Smith, S.C. Martin, A. Pease, M. Kim, P.H. Seigel
  5. Planar GaAs Schottky Barrier Diodes, S.M. Marazita, W.L. Bishop, T.M. Cunningham, P.J. Koh, T.W. Crowe, R.M. Weikle
  6. Substrateless Schottky Diodes for THz Applications, C.I. Lin, A Simon, M. Rodriguez-Girones, H.L. Hartnagel, P. Zimmermann, R. Zimmermann

Session 5: HEB II

  1. Fabrication of High-Tc Hot-Electron Bolometric Mixers for Submillimeter Heterodyne Applications, M.J. Burns, A.W. Kleinsasser, B. Karasik, M. Gaidis, W.R. McGrath
  2. Large Bandwidth of NbN Phonon-Cooled HotElectron Bolometer Mixers on Sapphire Substrates, S. Cherednichenko, P. Yagoubov, K. Ii'in, G. Gol'tsman, E. Gershenzon
  3. NbN Hot Electron Bolometric Mixer for 2.5 THz: The Phonon Cooled Version, E. Gerecht, C.F. Musante, Z. Wang, K.S. Yngvesson, J. Waldman, G.N. Golts'man, P.A Yagoubov, S.I. Svecbnikov, B.M. Voronov, S.I. Cberednichenko, E.M. Gershenzon
  4. Noise-Bandwidth of Diffusion Cooled Hot-Electron Bolometers, P.I. Burke, R.I. Schoelkopf, D.E. Prober, A. Skalare, W.R. McGrath, B. Karasik, M. Gaidis, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc

Session 6: SIS II

  1. A Submillimeter SIS Receiver Cooled by a Compact Stirling-JT Refrigerator, J. Inatani, T. Noguchi, S.C. Shi, K. Miyazawa, H. Masuko, S. Ochiai, Y. Irimajiri, M. Kyoya, K. Narasaki, S. Tsunematsu, M. Murakami, D. Okamoto
  2. Study of a Quasioptical Superconducting Integrated Receiver for Imaging Applications at 400- 700 GHz, S.V. Shitov, V.P. Koshelets, A.M. Baryshev, L.V. Filippenko, W. Luinge, J.R. Gao, P. Lehikoinen
  3. Performance Limitations of NbN SIS Junctions with Al Striplines at 600 - 850 GHz, P. Dieleman, T.M. Klapwijk, H. van de Stadt, M. Schicke, B. Plathner, K.H. Gundlach
  4. All-NbN Quasi-Optical SIS Mixers at Terahertz Frequencies, Y. Uzawa, Z. Wang, A. Kawakami
  5. Low-Loss NbTiN Films for TIiz SIS Mixer Tuning Circuits, J.W. Kooi, J.A. Stem, G. Chattopadhyay, H.G. LeDuc, B. Bumble, J. Zmuidzinas

Session 7: Waveguide Devices

  1. Design, Analysis and Scale Model Testing of Fixed-Tuned Broadband Waveguide to Microstrip Transitions, J.L. Hesler, K. Hui, R.M. Weikle II, T.W. Crowe
  2. An Investigation of the Input Impedance of a Microstrip Probe in Waveguide, S. Withington, G. Yassin
  3. Electromagnetic Analysis of Finline Mixers, G. Yassin, S. Withington, R. Padman
  4. Injection Locked 100 GHz LO Network for a 32 Channel 220 GHz Imaging Array, I. Galin, D.S. Zacharias
  5. Laser Micromachining of Silicon: A New Technique for Fabricating High Quality Terahertz Waveguide Components, C.K. Walker, G. Narayanan, H. Knoepfle, J. Capara, J. Glenn, A. Hungerford, T.M. Bloomstein, S.T. Palmacci, M.B. Stern, J .E. Curtin
  6. Inexpensive Receiver Components for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths, T.W. Crowe, P.J. Koh, W.L. Bishop, C.M. Mann, J.L. Hesler, R.M. Weikle II, P.A.D. Wood, D. Matheson

Session 8: SOURCES II

  1. The Complete Analysis of a 91.33 to 274 GHz Schottky Barrier Varactor Frequency Tripler, R.E. Lipsey, C. Mann, S.H. Jones, J. Thornton
  2. Power and Spatial Mode Measurements of a Sideband Generator Submillimeter-Wave Source, E.R. Mueller, J. Waldman, W.E. Nixon
  3. Terahertz Emission from p- Type Germanium Lasers Doped with Novel Acceptors, 0.0. Dubon, D.R. Chamberlin, W.L. Hansen, E.E. Haller, L.A. Reichertz, G. Sirmain, E. Briindermann, A.M. Linhart, H.P. Roser
  4. Tunable THz-Laser for applications in FIR Astronomy, E. Brundermann, A.M. Linhart, L.A. Reichertz, G. Sirmain, H.P. Roser, 0.0. Dubon, D.R. Chamberlin, W. L. Hansen, E.E. Haller
  5. Investigations of High-Resistivity, Undoped GaP Crystal for Quasi-Phasematched Difference Frequency Generation to Produce Terahertz Frequency Local Oscillators, G. Herman, S. Sandford

  1. Investigation of Surface Profiles of a Reflector from Near-field Beam Measurements, M.T. Chen, C.Y.E. Tong
  2. Modal Analysis of Partially-Coherent Submillimetre-Wave Quasioptical Systems, S. Withington, J.A. Murphy
  3. Gaussian Beam Mode Analysis of Imaging Arrays, J.A. Murphy, S. Withington
  4. LO Beam Array Generation at 480 GHz by Use of Phase Gratings, T. Klein, G.A Ediss, R. Gusten, H. Hauschildt, C. Kasemann
  5. Hologram CATR for Millimeter and Submillimeter-Wavelengths: A Progress Report, T. Hirvonen, P. Piironen, J. Ala-Laurinaho, A. Lehto, A.V. Raisanen

Section 10: Receivers

  1. The IRAM 230 GHz Multibeam SIS Receiver, K.F. Schuster, J. Blondel, M. Carter, A. Karpov, J. Lamb, B. Lazareff, F. Mattiocco, S. Navarro, J.L. Pollet
  2. A Superconducting Submillimeter Wave Limb Emission Sounder (SMll..ES) on the Japanese Experimental Module (JEM) of the Space Station for Observing Trace Gases in the Middle Atmosphere, H. Masuko, S. Ochiai, Y. Irimajiri, J. Inatani, T. Noguchi, Y. Iida, N. Ikeda, N. Tanioka
  3. Development of a 170-210 GHz 3x3 Micromachined SIS Imaging Array, G. de Lange, Q. Hu, H. Huang, A.W. Lichtenberger
  4. Preliminary Design of a 650 GHz Subharmonically Pumped Mixer with Quasi-Vertical Schottky Diodes, V.S. Mottonen, J. Zhang, P.V. Piironen, J.T. Louhi. A.O. Lehto, A. Simon, A.V. Raisanen

Section 11: Detectors

  1. BIB Photoconductive Mixers, A.L. Betz, R.T. Boreiko
  2. The Single-Mode Monolithic Silicon Bolometer as an Ultrasensitive Detector for Millimeter Wavelengths, K. Farooqui, J.D. Gundersen, P.T. Timbie, G.W. Wilson, J.-W. Zhou, C.A. Allen. T.C. Chen. S.H. Moseley, D.B. Mott
  3. Waveguide Coupled Bolometers, J. Peterson, D. Osterman
  4. Mixing Experiments at W-Band Using High-Tc Josephson Junctions, O. Harnack, M. Darula, S. Beuven, B. Kohlstedt

Session 12: Late Papers

  1. A Quasioptical SIS Receiver with Normal Metal Tuning for the 800-900 GHz Band, F. Schafer, P. van der Walt, E. Kreysa, K.B. Gundlach
  2. SIS Junction As a Direct Detector at 850 um Wavelength, A. Karpov, J. Blondel, M. Voss, K.B. Gundlach