1996 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

    1. Welcoming Remarks, Carl Kukkonen
    2. THz Research at the DLR Institute for Space Sensor Research, H.P. Roser (paper not available)
    3. The Millimeter Array, J. Carlstrom

    Session 1: SIS Mixers 1

    1. Low-Noise Micromachined SIS-Mixers for Millimeter-Wave Imaging Arrays, G. de Lange, B.R. Jacobson, A. Rahman, E. Duerr and Q. Hu
    2. Quasi-Optical Submillimeter Wave SIS Mixers with NbN/AIN/NbN Tunnel Junctions, Y. Uzawa, Z. Wang, A. Kawakami
    3. Sub-Millimeter Distributed Quasiparticle Receiver Employing A Non-Linear Transmission Line, C.Y.E. Tong, R. Blundell, B. Bumble, J.A. Stern, H.G. LeDuc
    4. Fixed Tuned Waveguide Mixers Around 450 GHz, 670 GHz and 810 GHz for a Dual Channel Receiver, C.E. Honingh, S. Haas, D. Hottgenroth, K. Jacobs, J. Stutzki
    5. A 665 GHz Waveguide Receiver Using a Tuned 0.5 Jlm2 Nb/AlOx/Nb SIS Tunnel Junction, J.W. Kooi, M.S. Chan, H.G. LeDuc, T.G. Phillips
    6. An 850 GHz Waveguide Receiver Using a Tuned Nb SIS Tunnel Junction Fabricated on a 1 micron Si3N4 Membrane , J.W. Kooi, M.S. Chan, P. Schaffer, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc, C.K. Walker, T.G. Phillips

    Session 2: Multipliers and Sources

    1. Thermal Considerations in the Design of D-Band InP Gunn Devices, R. Kamoua
    2. High Frequency Limitations of Diode Frequency Multipliers, J. East
    3. Tripling to 250 GHz with Planar, Multiple Barrier Heterostructure Barrier Varactors, J.R. Jones, S.H. Jones, W.L. Bishop
    4. Novel Planar Varactor Diodes, P.J. Koh, W.C.B. Peatman, T.W. Crowe, N.R. Erickson
    5. Design and Analysis of Broad-Band FixedTuned Submillimeter- Waveguide Multipliers Using MMIC Style Circuit Topology, J. Bruston, M. Kim, S.C. Martin, I. Mehdi, R.P. Smith, P.H. Siegel
    6. An Integrated 435 GHz Quasi-Optical Frequency Tripler , M. Shaalan, D. Steup, A. Grub, A. Simon, C.I. Lin, A. Vogt, V. Krozer, H. Brand, H.L. Hartnagel
    7. Miniaturization of p-Ge Lasers: Progress Toward a Tunable, CW THz Laser, E. Bruendermann, A.M. Linhart, H.P. Roser, O.D. Dubon, W.L. Hansen, E.E. Haller

    Session 3: THz Materials, Components & Circuits 1

    1. SIS Mixer Analysis with Non-Zero Intermediate Frequencies, S.K. Pan and A.R. Kerr
    2. Design of Planar Image Separating and Balanced SIS Mixers, A.R. Kerr and S.K. Pan
    3. Performance of Micromechanical Tuning Elements in a 620 GHz Monolithic Integrated Circuit, V.M. Lubecke, W.R. McGrath, P.A. Stimson, D.B. Rutledge
    4. Tuning Circuit for NbN SIS Mixer, V. Belitsky and E. Kollberg

    Special Session: Dielectric Lens Antennas

    1. The Dielectric-Filled Parabola: Concept and Applications Review, P.H. Siegel, R. Dengler, M. Kim and P. Stimson
    2. Internal Reflections of, and Matching Layers for, Integrated Lens Antennas, P.J.I. de Maagt, MJ.M. van der Vorst, M.H.A.J. Herben
    3. Off-Axis Perfonnance of Dielectric Lens Antennas, D.F. Filipovic and G.M. Rebeiz
    4. Antireflection-Coated Silicon Lenses for Low Noise 400-1040 GHz Quasioptical SIS Mixers, M. Bin, M. Gaidis, H.G. LeDuc, D. Miller, 1. Zmuidzinas

    Session 4: HEB Mixers 1

    1. The Bandwidth of HEB Mixers Employing Ultrathin NbN Films on Sapphire Substrate, P. Yagoubov, G.N. Gol'tsman, B. Voronov, L. Seidman, V. Siomash, S. Cherednichenko, E. Gershenzon
    2. Quasioptical Phonon-Cooled NbN Hot-Electron Bolometer Mixer at THz Frequencies , P. Yagoubov, G. Gol'tsman, B. Voronov, S. Svechnikov, S. Cherednichenko, E. Gershenzon, V. Belitsky, H. Ekstrom, E. Kollberg, A.D. Semenov, YU.P. Gousev, K.F. Renk
    3. Spectrum of Output Noise in Diffusion and Phonon Cooled Hot E1ectron Superconducting Mixers, R.J. Schoelkopf, PJ. Burke, D.E. Prober, A. Skalare, W.R. McGrath, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc
    4. Superconductive NbN Hot-Electron Bolometric Mixer Perfonnance at 250 GHz, J. Kawamura, R. Blundell, C.Y.E. Tong, G. Gol'tsman, E. Gershenzon, B. Voronov
    5. 9.6 micron Wavelength Mixing in a Patterned YBa2Cu307 Thin Film, V.A. Trifonov, B.S. Karasik, M.A. Zorin, G.N. Gol'tsman, E.M. Gershenzon, M. Lindgren, M. Danerud, D. Winkler

    Session 5: THz Materials Components and Circuits 2

    1. Spectroscopic Measurements of Optical Elements for Submillimeter Receivers, J. Kawamura, S. Paine, D.C. Papa
    2. Progress on Characterization with Integrated Test Structures of Dielectric and Superconducting Films for SIS Mixer Circuits, D. M. Lea and A.W. Lichtenberger
    3. Full-Wave Numerical Modeling of Near-Field Beam Profiles at 200 and 700 GHz, M.T. Chen, C.E. Tong, L. Chen, S. Paine, R. Blundell
    4. Theoretical Analysis of Superconducting SubmiI1imetre Wave Microstrip Transmission Line, S. Withington and G. Yassin
    5. A Horn-Reflector Antenna for High Performance Submillimetre Wave Applications, S. Withington, G. Yassin, M. Buffey, C. Norden

    Session 6: THz Materials, Components & Circuits 3

    1. THz Signal Generators Based on Lift-Off LT-GaAs on Transparent Substrates , H.M. Heiliger, M. Vossebiirger, H.G. Roskos, R. Hey,K. Ploog, H. Kurz
    2. A Broad-Band 230 GHz Antipodal Finline Mixer for Array Receivers, G. Yassin, S. Withington, R. Padman, M.S. Goodchild, M.G. Blamire
    3. Development of a Superconducting Integrated Receiver for Application in Imaging Arrays, S.V. Shitov, V.P. Koshelets, A.M. Baryshev, L.V. Filippenko, Th. de Graauw, J.R. Gao, W. Luinge, H. van de Stadt, N.D. Whyborn, P. Lehikoinen
    4. A Submillimeter High Angular Resolution Bolometer Array Camera for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory, N. Wang, T.R. Hunter, D.J. Benford, E. Serabyn, D.C. Lis, T.G. Phillips, S.H. Moseley, K. Boyce, A Szymkowiak, C. Allen, B. Mott, J. Gygax

    Session 7: Schottky Mixers 1

    1. A Quasi-Optical, Subharnonically Pumped Double Slot Mixer, J.P. DeLap, T.M. Cunningham, R.M. Weikle, T.W. Crowe
    2. 200 GHz Waveguide Based Subharnonically Pumped Mixers with Planar Schottky Diodes, I. Mehdi, T. Lee, R Dengler, A. Pease, J. Oswald, D. Humphrey, S. Martin, R.P. Smith, P.H. Siegel
    3. Submillimeter Wavelength Waveguide Mixers using Planar Schottky Barrier Diodes, J.L. Hesler, W.R. Hall, T.W. Crowe, R.M. Weikle, B.S.Deaver, R.F. Bradley, S.K. Pan
    4. A Mixer up to 300 GHz with Whiskerless Schottky Diodes for Spaceborne Radiometers, I. Galin
    5. A Design Approach for Planar Waveguide Launching Structures, J. Thorton , C.M. Mann

    Session 8: Schottky Mixers 2

    1. THz Quasi-Planar Schottky Diode Design , R. Nitsche, R.U. Titz, E.M. Biebl
    2. First Results for a 2.5 THz Schottky Diode Waveguide Mixer, B.N. Ellison, B.J. Maddison, C.M. Mann, D.N. Matheson, M.L. Oldfield, S.M. Marazita, T.W. Crowe, P. Maaskant, W.M. Kelly
    3. A Practical Schottky Mixer for 5 THz (Part II) , A. Betz and R. Boreiko
    4. A Novel Structure and Fabrication Process for Sub-Quarter-Micron THz Diodes, W.L. Bishop, S.M. Marazita, P.A.D. Wood, T.W. Crowe

    Session 9: SIS Mixers 2: THz

    1. Wide-Band Quasi-Optical SIS Mixers for Integrated Receivers up to 1200 GHz, S.V. Shitov, A.M. Baryshev, V.P. Koshelets, J.-R. Gao, J. Jegers, W. Luinge, H. van de Stadt, Th. de Graauw
    2. An Improved 1 THz Waveguide Mixer, H. van de Stadt, A. Baryshev, J.-R. Gao, H. Golstein, Th. de Graauw, W. Hulshoff, S. Kovtonyuk, H. Schaeffer, N.D. Whyborn
    3. Fabrication of Nb-SIS Mixers with UHV Evaporated Al Striplines, J.R. Gao, S. Kovtonyuk, J.B.M. Jegers, P. DieIeman, T.M. Klapwijk, H. van de Stadt
    4. Design and Characterization of a Quasi-Optical SIS Receiver for the 1 THz Band, M. Bin, M.C. Gaidis, D. Miller, J. Zmuidzinas, T.G. Phillips, H.G. LeDuc

    Session 10: HEB Mixers 2: THz

    1. Niobium Superconducting Diffusion-Cooled Hot-Electron Bolometer Mixers Above 1 THz, A. Skalare, W.R. McGrath, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc, P.J. Burke, R.J. Schoelkopf, D.E. Prober
    2. Modeling and Optimization of a High-Tc Hot Electron Superconducting Mixer for Terahertz Applications, B. Karasik, W.R. McGrath, M.C. Gaidis, M.J. Burns, A.W. Kleinsasser, KA. Delin, R.P. Vasquez
    3. Optimization of Hot Electron Bolometer Mixing Efficiency in NbN at 119 Micrometer Wavelength, E. Gerecht, C.F. Musante, Z. Wang, KS. Yngvesson, E.R. MueJIer, J. Waldman, G.N. GoI'tsman, B.M. Voronov, S.I. Cherednichenko, S.I. Svechnikov, P.A. Yagoubov, E.M. Gershenzon
    4. Rigorous Analysis of a Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer: Theory and Comparison with Experiment, R.S. Nebosis, A.D. Semenov, Yu. P. Gousev, K.F. Renk
    5. Submillimeter Waveguide SIS Mixer with Full NbN Circuit , A. Karpov, B. Plathner, J. Blondel, M. Schicke, K.H. Gundlach