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Professor of Electrical Engr. and Computer Science (CSE Division), IEEE Fellow

Member of the Michigan Inst. for Computational Discovery & Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions about our recent Nature article on limits to computation

Textbook published by Springer: VLSI Physical Design: From Graph Partitioning to Timing Closure


Address: The University of Michigan     Phone: (734) 936-7829
Fax: dept (734) 763-4617, web (435) 417-5485
2260 Hayward St. -- CSE Email:
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121 Office: 4749 BBB

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Some of my projects and organizational activities
      The 2012 ACM Computing Classification System
      UMich Physical Design Tools (including Capo),   Parquet,   FLOORIST,   BloBB,   CompaSS,   QuIDD Pro
      FGR,   SAUCY,   Partitioning and Wirelength-driven Placement,   MARCO/GSRC Bookshelf

    since May 2006