EECS 542: Advanced Topics in Computer Vision

These are the final papers.

DateClassMeta-TopicTopicPresentersPaper 1Paper 2Presentation
Review Panels
Things Due
Aug 30 20210Getting situatedIntrofouhey
Sep 1 20211 Reading, writing,
& arithmetic
fouhey, NA, NAUnsupervised Visual
Representation Learning by
Context Prediction (Doersch et al.
Sep 6 20212The basicsLabor Day – no classNA, NA, NA
Sep 8 20213 Architecturestbd, tbd, tbdDensely connected convolutional
networks (Huang et al. CVPR 2017)
Exploring Randomly Wired Neural
Networks for Image Recognition
(Xie et al. ICCV 2019)
A; F
Sep 13 20214Getting rid of supervisionSelf-supervised learning for pretrainingtbd, tbd, tbdMomentum Contrast for
Unsupervised Visual
Representation Learning (He et al.
Exploring Simple Siamese
Representation Learning (Chen et
al. CVPR 2021)
B; G
Sep 15 20215 Reducing supervision for taskstbd, tbd, tbdSpace-Time Correspondence as a
Contrastive Random Walk (Jabri et
al. ECCV 2020)
Shelf-Supervised Mesh Prediction
in the Wild (Ye et al. CVPR 2021)
C; H
Sep 20 20216DetectionDetectiontbd, tbd, tbdMaskRCNN (He et al. ICCV 2017)PointRend: Image Segmentation as
Rendering (Kirillov et al. CVPR
D; I
Sep 22 20217 Naming everythingtbd, tbd, tbdLVIS: A Dataset for Large
Vocabulary Instance Segmentation
(Gupta et al. CVPR 2019)
Evaluating Large-Vocabulary
Object Detectors: The Devil is in
the Details (Dave et al. Arxiv 2021)
E; J
Sep 27 20218Data gone wrongDataset biastbd, tbd, tbdAn Unbiased Look at Dataset Bias
(Torralba and Efros CVPR 2011)
Do ImageNet Classifiers
Generalize to ImageNet? (Recht et
al. ICML 2019)
F; A Re-Proposal Due
Sep 29 20219 Domain adaptationtbd, tbd, tbdUnderstanding Self-Training for
Gradual Domain Adaptation (Kumar
et al. ICML 2020)
SENTRY: Selective Entropy
Optimization via Committee
Consistency for Unsupervised
Domain Adaptation (Prabhu et al.
ICCV 2021)
G; B
Oct 4 202110What are our models doingEthics & fairnesstbd, tbd, tbdGender Shades: Intersectional
Accuracy Disparities in
Commercial Gender Classification
(Buolamwini and Gebru FAT 2018)
Dissecting racial bias in an
algorithm used to manage the health
of populations (Obermeyer et al.
Science 2019)
H; C
Oct 6 202111What are we doing?If I had 100 million dollarsNA, NA, NA I; D
Oct 11 2021123D3D – Implicit functionstbd, tbd, tbdPIFu: Pixel-Aligned Implicit
Function for High-Resolution
Clothed Human Digitization (Saito
et al. ICCV 2019)
Occupancy Networks: Learning 3D
Reconstruction in Function Space
(Mescheder et al. CVPR 2019)
J; E Project Proposal Due
Oct 13 202113 3D – Correspondence and posetbd, tbd, tbdSuperGlue: Learning Feature
Matching with Graph Neural
Networks (Sarlin et al. CVPR 2020)
Bootstrap Your Own
Correspondences (El Banani and
Johnson, ICCV 2021)
A; F
Oct 18 202114EmbodimentNO CLASS
But here are some
nice papers
tbd, tbd, tbdSemantic Visual Navigation by
Watching Youtube Videos (Chang et
al. NeurIPS 2020)
RMA: Rapid Motor Adaptation for
Legged Robots (Kumar et al., 2021)
B; G
Oct 20 202115 3D – Multiviewtbd, tbd, tbdDROID-SLAM: Deep Visual SLAM for
Monocular, Stereo, and RGB-D
Cameras (Teed et al. Arxiv 2021)
SPSG: Self-Supervised
Photometric Scene Generation from
RGB-D Scans (Dai et al. CVPR 2021)
C; H
Oct 25 202116 3D – Radiance fieldstbd, tbd, tbdNeRF (Mildenhall et al. ECCV 2020)pixelNERF (Yu et al. CVPR 2021)D; I
Oct 27 202117EmbodimentHandstbd, tbd, tbdReconstructing Hand-Object
Interactions in the Wild (Cao et al.
ICCV 2021)
Towards unconstrained joint
hand-object reconstruction from
RGB videos (Hasson et al. Arxiv
E; J
Nov 1 202118PeopleReconstructiontbd, tbd, tbdPARE: Part Attention Regressor for
3D Human Body Estimation (Kocabas
et al. CVPR 2021)
Learning High Fidelity Depths of
Dressed Humans by Watching Social
Media Dance Videos (Jafarian et al.
CVPR 2021)
F; A
Nov 3 202119 Understanding interactiontbd, tbd, tbdRearrangement: A Challenge for
Embodied AI (Batra et al. Arxiv
Where2Act: From Pixels to Actions
for Articulated 3D Objects (Mo et
al. ICCV 2021)
G; B
Nov 8 202120Transformers and other modelsTransformerstbd, tbd, tbdAttention Is All You Need (Vaswani
et al. NeurIPS 2017)
An Image is Worth 16x16 Words:
Transformers for Image
Recognition at Scale (Dosovitskiy
et al. Arxiv 2020)
H; C
Nov 10 202121 Otherstbd, tbd, tbdMLP-Mixer: An all-MLP
Architecture for Vision
(Tolstikhin et al. Arxiv 2021)
Perceiver IO: A General
Architecture for Structured
Inputs & Outputs (Jaegle et al.
Arxiv 2021)
I; D
Nov 15 202122VideosVideotbd, tbd, tbdRescaling Egocentric Vision
(Damen et al. ECCV 2020)
Ego-Exo: Transferring Visual
Representations from
Third-person to First-person
Videos (Li et al. CVPR 2020)
J; E
Nov 17 202123ScienceSciencetbd, tbd, tbdOpenMonkeyStudio: Automated
Markerless Pose Estimation in
Freely Moving Macaques (Bala et al.
Nature Communications 2020)
Detecting and Tracking Communal
Bird Roosts in Weather Radar Data
(Cheng et al. AAAI 2020)
A; F Project Preliminary Report Due
Nov 22 202124Where are we going?Where are we going?NA, NA, NA
Nov 24 202125ThanksgivingThanksgiving – no classNA, NA, NA
Nov 29 202126Other modalitiesLanguagetbd, tbd, tbdLearning Transferable Visual
Models From Natural Language
Supervision (Radford et al. 2021)
Less is More: CLIPBERT for
Video-and-Language Learning via
Sparse Sampling (Lei et al. CVPR
C; H
Dec 1 202127 Soundtbd, tbd, tbdAudio-Visual Scene Analysis with
Self-Supervised Multisensory
Features (Owens et al. ECCV 2018)
Self-supervised object detection
from audio-visual correspondence
(Afouras et al. Arxiv 2021)
D; I
Dec 6 202128Generating picturesGenerative modelstbd, tbd, tbdGenerating Diverse High-Fidelity
Images with VQ-VAE-2 (Razavi et al.
NeurIPS 2019)
Zero-Shot Text-to-Image
Generation (Ramesh et al. 2021)
E; J Project Final Report Draft