This directory is the access point for ASPIRE programs.
You will need a password to go below this point.
See ASPIRE information for instructions.
Under each of the links below, you should either see a gzip'd tar file "aspire-[os].tar.gz" (that contains three binaries: "i", "op", and "wt"), or, in the outdated versions, three individual files. You might want to look at the dates of the binaries; if the dates are not recent for the version you want, then email me a friendly reminder and I'll recompile and update. There are too many different types of hosts for me to do this regularly except by user request.
After downloading, uncompress the files using "gunzip" and "tar" at the command line in a terminal window (if your downloader doesn't do it for you already). Then run the programs from scripts in a terminal window. Someday I hope to provide a GUI...
Note: prior to late 2008, there were two versions posted for many of the architectures; one that could support only images up to 256 x 256 (using short integer indexing) and another that could support very large images (using integer indexing). With modern memory sizes, I now distribute and support only the version that accommodates large images. Old .wtf files may need to be discarded and regenerated using "wt gen" to work with the new versions.
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