Pefection is an obsession


08, 2011

A fabulous self-organized rafting trip on Yumpa river, my first multi-day rafting trip

08, 2011

Longs Peak, summitted after the first failed attempt six years ago.

05, 2011 University of Michigan placed the 2nd in ACM-ICPC, the best rank in history.
10, 2010

Picture Rock National Lakeshore and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

In a tragic car accident, two students of the University of Michigan lost their lives in a trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan. I have never met them. But when I first came to the US and joined the same university in 2003, I believe I was as touched by the beauty of this country as they were, and I was equally careless and unprepared. Around the same time that year, we set off for the same trip. We were safe on the road, but there was an incident when we did not bring a headlamp for a late afternoon hike. We got out safely after dark, thanks to my perfect night vision at that time, only to find that the car battery had died because I forgot to turn off the headlight. Of course there was no cell phone signal.

Regardless of all the trouble, I got obsessed with the beauty of nature ever since. Visiting the UP of Michigan in the fall became an annual trip for me. Time sure flies. It is the seventh year already, and I have graduated. This time I flew back for the road trip again, to make a video for all the good memories I had there. I was shocked to hear the news one week later. I'd like to dedicate this video to those who deceased, and those who love nature as much as I do.

06, 2010

Had fun hiking Mt Elbert, but missed the flight at Denver in the evening :(

05, 2010

Grand Canyon day hike

02, 2010 Shanghai Jiao Tong University won ACM-ICPC world champion the third time. After Stanford and St. Petersburg IFMO, SJTU is the third university to have ever won the champion three times.
03, 2009 I have completed my Ph.D program, and joined HP Labs, Palo Alto.
07, 2008 Mt Rainier, summited
05, 2008 Near death experience. Day hiking around Mt Kailash, so called Kora, a 32-mile journey, highest point 5,700m. Almost passed out at the highest point, and then caught a snow storm after dark. I was alone and had no navigation equipment except a handwritten map. Being extremely desperate, I started to pray. Around midnight, a local guide found me on foot. What a miracle! It is indeed a holy mountain.
06, 2007 Mt Whitney, 2nd 14er, a strenuous day hike.
05, 2007 Mt Shasta, my first 14er.
04, 2007 Had a fabulous skiing season. Started at Killington, VT on their opening day, and ended at Crystal Mountain, WA on their closing day. The trip to Chamonix, France is definitely the climax.
12, 2006 An adventurous trip to Mexico.
My first time to climb above 17,000 ft.
09, 2006 A group trip to New River gorge, West Virginia.
Rafting is dangerous! :-)
7/01-7/04, 2006 Camping in Northern Michigan, a group of 22 people. Such a fun trip. I love the summer in Michigan.
5/13-5/23, 2006 Traveling to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. The trip raised my bar for travel and outdoor adventure.
04/28/06 Traveled to Netherlands. The most beautiful countryside I've ever seen.
03/09/06 Who says life in Ann Arbor is boring? Vienna Philharmonic is here with us!
12/10/05 First trip to Spain. Totally obsessed with Antoni Gaudí. To quote from Lonely Planet,
"Gaudí personifies, and in large measure transcends, a movement in architecture that brought a thunderclap of innovative greatness to an otherwise only middle-ranking European city."
10/12/05 My first sight of lovely XBOX 360, and Bill Gates.
07/31/05 My first skydiving trip, amazing and torturous!
07/22/05 Third time to Yosemite National Park. Half Dome trail, I did it!
05/16/05 A fabulous road trip to Canifornia and an exciting internship at HP Labs.
04/06/05 Shanghai Jiao Tong University won ACM Programming Contest world champion, again!























































Video Making

Being practicing video making lately. Check out this

A Summer Day in Sequoia National Park (Canon 5D mark ii steadycam) from Yin Wang on Vimeo.

Shot entirely on a steadycam with Canon 5D2 during a day trip to Sequoia National Park.

Most shots are random captures during a few short hikes along the highway in the park.

Music: Enya - Orinoco Flow
Lens: 24-105mm 4L
Steadycam: Merlin


Some interesting papers related to theoretical computer science.
Gödel and the end of physics Stephen Hawking 2002
All Questions Answered Donald Knuth 2001
On the unusual effectiveness of logic in computer science by Joseph Y. Halpern, Robert Harper, Neil Immerman, Phokion G. Kolaitis, Moshe Y. Vardi, and Victor Vianu 2001
Challenges for theoretical computer science David Johnson 2000

Outdoor Activities

I am the founder and formal organizer of the outdoor adventure club.


I am addicted to strategic games.

and are my old favorites. My roommate and I ranked the 3rd in the first Shanghai CALI Starcraft 2v2 Competition, 1999.

Love hacking systems too, both hardware and software. Have installed DMS4 in an PS2 myself. The soldering job feels like needle works.

Things got a lot easier with Wii and XBOX 360. But PS3 remains unhackable as of Sept. 2009, thanks for AACS. This is an excellent example of theory meeting practice, by the way.

It works like a charm, diskless boot and play, yeah!