Lifelong Learning Lab

The Lifelong Learning Lab is based in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. We conduct research at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Learning Sciences and Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to help people gain knowledge and acquire skills more easily and efficiently. We develop techniques that support and optimize human learning. We also answer fundamental questions on how humans learn.

Lab Photo Winter'22

Xinyi Lu

Ph.D. Student

Muche Wu

Undergraduate Student

Selected Alumni
Lavender Li

Undergraduate Student

Jessie Houghton

Undergraduate Student (Next Position: Product Manager at Microsoft)

Shipeng Liu

Visiting Undergraudate Student (Next Position: Ph.D. student at USC)


MeetScript: Designing Transcript-based Interactions to Support Active Participation in Group Video Meetings
Xinyue Chen, Shuo Li, Shipeng Liu, Robin Fowler, Xu Wang
(To Appear)
How Learning Experience Designers Make Design Decisions: the Role of Data, the Reliance on Subject Matter Expertise, and the Opportunities for Data-Driven Support
Xiaofei Zhou, Chris Kok, Rebecca Quintana, Anita Delahay, Xu Wang

ReadingQuizMaker: A Human-NLP Collaborative System that Supports Instructors to Design High-Quality Reading Quiz Questions
Xinyi Lu, Simin Fan, Jessica Houghton, Lu Wang, Xu Wang

Paper  ·  Video
Scaling Mixed-Methods Formative Assessments (mixFA) in Classrooms: A Clustering Pipeline to Identify Student Knowledge
Xinyue Chen, Xu Wang

Paper  ·  Dataset
Towards Process-Oriented, Modular, and Versatile Question Generation that Meets Educational Needs
Xu Wang, Simin Fan, Jessica Houghton, Lu Wang

Using Adaptive Parsons Problems to Scaffold Write-Code Problems
Xinying Hou, Barbara Ericson, Xu Wang
Towards Supporting Intraoperative Coordination and Entrustment in Surgical Faculty-Resident Dyads: Looking Together ≠ Seeing the Same Thing
Vitaliy Popov, Xinyue Chen, Michael Kemp, Gurjit Sandhu, Taylor Kantor, Natalie Mateju, Xu Wang
CHI'2022- Late Breaking Work
Paper · Talk
Seeing Beyond Expert Blind Spots: Online Learning Design for Scale and Quality
Xu Wang, Carolyn Rose, Ken Koedinger
pdf · ACM DL · Talk
Practice-Based Teacher Questioning Strategy Training with ELK: A Role-Playing Simulation for Eliciting Learner Knowledge
Xu Wang, Meredith Thompson, Kexin Yang, Dan Roy, Ken Koedinger, Carolyn Rose, Justin Reich
Value Cards: An Educational Toolkit for Teaching Social Impacts of Machine Learning through Deliberation
Hong Shen, Wesley Deng, Aditi Chattopadhyay, Steven Wu, Xu Wang, Haiyi Zhu
"I was afraid, but now I enjoy being a streamer!": Understanding the Challenges and Prospects of Using Live Video Streaming for Online Education
Xinyue Chen, Si Chen, Xu Wang and Yun Huang
Best Paper Honorable Mention pdf
Harnessing Student Solutions to Support Learning at Scale
Xu Wang
PhD in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Advisors: Ken Koedinger and Carolyn Rose
Additional commitee members: Jeff Bigham, Chinmay Kulkarni, Scott Klemmer
Dissertation pdf
UpGrade: Sourcing Student Open-Ended Solutions to Create Scalable Learning Opportunities
Xu Wang, Srinivasa Talluri, Carolyn Rose and Ken Koedinger
pdf · ACM DL · slides
Leveraging Community-Generated Videos and Command Logs to Classify and Recommend Software Workflows
Xu Wang, Benjamin Lafreniere, Tovi Grossman
pdf · ACM DL
Contrasting Explicit and Implicit Scaffolding for Transactive Exchange in Team Oriented Project Based Learning
Xu Wang, Miaomiao Wen, Carolyn Rose
An Intelligent-Agent Facilitated Scaffold for Fostering Reflection in a Team-based Project Course
Sreecharan Sankaranarayanan, Xu Wang, Cameron Dashti, Marshall An, Clarence Ngoh, Majd Sakr, and Carolyn Rose
AIED'2019 - Poster
pdf · Springer

Coordinating Collaborative Chat in Massive Open Online Courses
Gaurav Tomar, Sree Sankaranarayanan, Xu Wang, Carolyn Rose

Public Peer Review Motivates Higher Quality Feedback
Xu Wang, Yali Chen, Amanda Godley, Carolyn Rose

When Optimal Team Formation is a Choice – Self-Selection versus Intelligent Team Formation Strategies in a Large Online Project-Based Course
​Sree Sankaranarayanan, Cameron Dashti, Chris Bogart, Xu Wang, Majd Sakr, Carolyn Rose
pdf · Springer
Transactivity as a Predictor of Future Collaborative Knowledge Integration in Team-Based Learning in Online Courses
Miaomiao Wen, Keith Maki, Xu Wang, Steven Dow, James Herbsleb, Carolyn Rose
EDM'2016 - Short Paper
pdf · ERIC
Towards triggering higher-order thinking behaviors in MOOCs
Xu Wang, Miaomiao Wen, Carolyn Rose
pdf · ACM DL

Investigating How Student’s Cognitive Behaviors in MOOC Discussion Forums Affect Learning Gains
Xu Wang, Diyi Yang, Miaomiao Wen, Ken Koedinger, Carolyn Rose
pdf · ERIC

A Case Study of Augmented Reality Simulation System Application in a Chemistry Course
Su Cai, Xu Wang, Feng-Kuang Chiang (Undergraduate Thesis)
Computers in Human Behavior
pdf · Elsevier

Using the Augmented Reality 3D Technique for a Convex Imaging Experiment in a Physics Course
Su Cai, Feng-Kuang Chiang, Xu Wang,
International Journal of Engineering Education

Simulation Teaching in 3D Augmented Reality Environment
Su Cai, Xu Wang, Mengnan Gao, Shengquan Yu
pdf · IEEE DL