Andrea Vallenilla

Undergraduate Student in Electrical Engineering


Undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan interested in arificial intelligence, robotics, circuit design, and learning about technology.

My goal is to work in projects that are shaping the future of technology. Learning all about the aspects of electrical engineering, from artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and robotics to circutry and biotechnology, are all topics that truly interest me and would love to personally impact. Curiosity follows me everywhere, and understanding the reasons behind the explanation, how a certain device works, or how it functions, is constantly in my mind.

Research Experience

The overall goal of the project is to develop a servoregulatory system that is able to adjust sweep gas flow based on the patient's metabolic needs. I worked on researching the functionalities of the Texas Instruments Hercules RM57Lx, in order to be able to achieve our goal. I was able to throw interrupts, generate a communication channel between the CO2 sensor and the Hercules RM57Lx microcontroller. Currently, I am working on developing a user interface with a screen to be able to control the circuit board and in turn the metabolic activity of the patient.