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CS 4610 - Programming Languages - Written Assignments


It is critically important that you include the following pieces of information on each page of every written assignment you turn in:
  1. Print your name clearly.
  2. Print your University email address in large, clear block letters (e.g., wrw6y).
Without this information the graders may have trouble recording your grades and giving you the credit you deserve. For example, your email address is used by the bookkeeping software.

If you have questions about what the assignments ask for, or if you want hints on how to do them, see the TA.

Recall that written assignments are due by 5:00pm on the given due date. You may turn in your assignment in class (before the lecture) or in the CS 4610 Homework Drop Box hallway outside of 423 Rice Hall. Do not turn your homework in to any other location.


Written assignments are graded on a 0 to 5 scale. The grade is based on your performance on all of the sub-questions. All of the questions have roughly equal weight.

Written Assignments

  1. Written Assignment 1
  2. Written Assignment 2
  3. Written Assignment 3
  4. Written Assignment 4
  5. Written Assignment 5
  6. Written Assignment 6
  7. Written Assignment 7
  8. There is no WA8. Study for the final.