cs1120  Spring 2010

cs1120: Computer Science
from Ada and Euclid to Quantum Computing and the World Wide Web

Westley Weimer

Teaching Assistants
David Noble
Kinga Dobolyi
Nick Wasilewski
Patrick Mutchler
Rachel Rater
Zak Fry
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Class Meetings
Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30-4:45pm in MEC 341
Office & Lab Hours
Mon 12:30-13:30 Small Hall Lab
Mon 13:30-14:00 Olsson 219
Mon 14:00-15:00 Small Hall Lab
Mon 17:00-19:30 Thornton Stacks
Tue 11:00-12:30 Olsson 001
Wed 10:30-13:00 Thornton Stacks
Wed 13:30-14:00 Olsson 219
Thu 10:00-12:30 Thornton Stacks
Sun 13:00-14:30 Olsson 001
Sun 14:30-17:00 Olsson 001

Required Course Book

Introduction to Computing

Explorations in Language, Logic, and Machines

David Evans
University of Virginia

This book is referred to as the course book. The author of the course book is a UVa professor. He has made the course book available freely on-line for use in UVA CS 1120.

Optional Course Book (1 of 2)

Gödel, Escher, Bach

an Eternal Golden Braid

Douglas R. Hofstadter
Indiana University

The book is referred to as GEB. It can be obtained from many bookstores (e.g., Amazon $15.61, etc.).

Optional Course Book (2 of 2)

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Harold Abelson
Gerald Jay Sussman
with Julie Sussman

The book is referred to as SICP or the Wizard Book. It is available free on-line from MIT Press. It can also be purchased (e.g., from Amazon).
cs1120: Computer Science
University of Virginia
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