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Tracking the Dynamics of the Tear Film Lipid Layer
Tejasvi Kothapalli and Charlie Shou and Jennifer Ding and Jiayun Wang and Andrew D Graham and Tatyana Svitova and Stella X. Yu and Meng C. Lin
Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Medical Imaging, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2 December 2022
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Dry Eye Disease (DED) is one of the most common ocular diseases: over five percent of US adults suffer from DED. Tear film instability is a known factor for DED, and is thought to be regulated in large part by the thin lipid layer that covers and stabilizes the tear film. In order to aid eye related disease diagnosis, this work proposes a novel paradigm in using computer vision techniques to numerically analyze the tear film lipid layer (TFLL) spread. Eleven videos of the tear film lipid layer spread are collected with a micro-interferometer and a subset are annotated. A tracking algorithm relying on various pillar computer vision techniques is developed. Our method can be found

dry-eye disease, tear film lipid layer, tracking